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Extra Functionality Minus The Wires

l23-7066-feature2.jpgLogitech MX5000 Cordless Keyboard & Rechargeable Mouse. Keyboards and mice have been around since the earliest days of modern personal computers, and pretty much, their basic design remains the same. Admittedly, there’s really nothing wrong with the way they look and work, so why innovate, right? It might seem as such, but in reality, the applications we use today have evolved, bringing about a noticeable increase in complexity. So when a company like Logitech tries to innovate upon the basic designs of keyboards and mice in such a way that they augment our ability to use modern applications, we can’t help but smile. The Logitech MX500 Cordless Keyboard & Rechargeable Mouse comes as one of their latest products, and if previous models are an indication, then it’s safe to say that this one is impressive as well. More »

Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speaker System: Breathe Life into your Games and Movies

logitech-g51-main-pic.jpgAny gamer will tell you just how important audio is in relevance to gaming. I mean what’s the point of having that large HDTV display without the “thump” to accompany it, right? Well, there is no reason to lack the “oomph” in your living room anymore; not if you’ve got the Logitech G51 Surround Sound Speaker System.

Nikki’s Top Ten Deals: A Product (and Price!) for Every Person on Your List

The holidays are fast approaching, E-Readers! Are you stumped trying to find the perfect gift? TigerTV host Nikki knows exactly how you feel. That’s why she has narrowed down the options out there for you. Here’s a list of ten items that will fill any gap on your holiday gift list. She’s even collected a set for 50 and 100-dollar price ranges, respectively. We’ll quickly showcase the top five from both categories, and you can check out Nikki’s Top Ten Deals Under 50 Dollars or Nikki’s Top Ten Deals Under 100 Dollars videos if you desire a little more selection!

Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard only 49.99

The best Gaming Action known to man! – only a few words to describe the Logitech G15 Gaming Keyboard, now available at TigerDirect for a limited time for only $ 49.99* MIR.

Check out the October End of Month Clearance event, now going on – at TigerDirect.com!

The Art of Noise Reduction: Sound Canceling Headsets for Your PC

Gone are the days of free headphones passed out on airplanes. I still have mine—they work just fine for the low-tech applications that I use them for: mainly to tie the two separated ends of my broken desktop lamp together. Any way you hear it, headphones (and their microphone-equipped counterparts, the headset) have come a […]

Logitech Wave Desktops Given away on Computer America

Computer America with Craig Crossman is a nationally syndicated radio show – and on September 27, Sr. Editor of TigerDirect News appeared on the show to help the host celebrate his birthday! During the show, Lonny talked about the Logitech Wave Wireless Desktop and gave away two of them along with an Ultra 14-in-1 MP3 player to some of the show’s callers.

To listen to highlights featuring Logitech’s Wireless Wave Desktop from the show, download the clip here.

Logitech Video Product Review Give away! Courtesy of TigerDirect

Want an ultra-cool Logitech Wave Wireless Keyboard and Mouse combo? Of course you do! All Logitech Wave Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo!you’ve got to do is submit a video review of any Logitech product you happen to have around. If we like it, we’ll send you a Wave Keyboard, one of the most ergonomic input devices out there. Your wrists and typing fingers will thank you! Just post your review as a video response to this video, and you’re in the running! Good Luck!

Logitech MX Air Mouse – A Truly Revolutionary Cordless Gyroscopic Mouse

For the most part, I don’t post blogs or notices about keyboards. It has been known to happen, but there usually isn’t enough to talk about. Sure, some people love mice (the guys who develop input devices like them a whole lot, I would assume) and mousepads and stuff like that—whatever floats your boat. But whether you give two figs about input equipment or just one fig, you’ll want to check this out. It is a truly amazing gyroscopic mouse from Logitech— MX Air Mouse.

Logitech Harmony Universal Remotes: Making Beautiful Music With Your Home Theater Equipment

Everyone I know has a veritable arsenal of remote controls on their living room table or footrest. Some work, some don’t, and there are even a few whose parent components have long been discarded. It’s time to clean out the home entertainment center: the Logitech Harmony Universal Remote controls are here—and we’ve got a few […]

Review – Logitech G11 Keyboard

I recently purchased the Logitech G11 gaming keyboard, and it’s really working well for me – not for gaming, but as an assistive technology device. The keyboard has 18 additional keys on the left side, labeled G1 through G18. Above these are three Mode keys, labeled M1, M2, and M3. Combined, these give 54 possible […]