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TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice July 9, 2012

Its Monday and Yendi’s back in the kitchen cooking up some tech news. Malware virus “DNSChanger” may have affected your ability to access the internet. Star Trek The Next Generation will be out on Blu Ray and Diablo 3 bans some cheaters. Deal of the Day: bit.ly

TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice May 30, 2012

Its Wednesday on Tech Juice and we’ve got stories on Googles new 7″ Tablet – the Nexus (made by ASUS and powered with a Tegra 3 chipset)! There’s also the malware issue from an Iranian nuclear plant that raised eyebrows about the security of popular chips made by China and used by the US Military. […]

What’s the Fuss about Spyware?

Spyware and other threats are responsible for a range of ills from slow PCs and clogged networks to annoying ads and identity theft. Businesses and other organizations need to protect themselves against the growing threats from spyware and other malicious software. At a minimum, this type of malware causes computers to run slowly or crash. […]

2008 Security Threats!

b_ca2.gifThe latest Internet Security Report issued by CA, Inc. outlines the top online threats for 2008 and also reports on malware trends from 2007. The study, based on data compiled by CA‘s Global Security Advisor researchers, forewarns that online gamers, social networks and high-profile events like the U.S. presidential elections and the Beijing Olympics are among the top targets for nefarious online attacks in 2008. See the full report and related guides »

Where Does SPAM Go? CA Finds Out for You

compcrime.jpgEver wonder what would happen if you just took a chance, made that leap of faith, and bought something from a spam email? If your answer is no; good for you. But since curiosity has killed more cats than it’s saved, there must be a few foolhardy souls that really think that lucrative stock quotes arrive unsolicited in your email. (Hey, it could happen!)