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10 PC Parts For Your First Build

Miami 2013 Regional PC Race

Building a computer on your own requires patience and some skill, but can be extremely rewarding, and you determine how fast and powerful you want it, so that is the biggest reward! You will be able to buy exactly the components you want.Unless this is really just a first try, in which case you may […]

TigerDirect TV: Albert’s Inbox 006

Albert answers the tech questions sent to his inbox from viewers like YOU! Keep ‘em coming!

TigerDirect TV: Thermaltake VO200M1W2N Armor Revo Black Case

Product Link: bit.ly For a high-quality tower case without breaking the bank, choose the Thermaltake VO200M1W2N Armor Revo Black Full Tower Case. This tower case is compatible with ATX and Micro ATX motherboards and lets you install the latest components into your computer.

TigerDirect TV: Albert’s Inbox 005

Albert answers the tech questions sent to his inbox from viewers like YOU! Keep ‘em coming!

TigerDirect TV: Out-takes 004

Albert, Yendi, and Lonny bring you behind-the-scene’s out-takes. Of course they didn’t know we were recording. Stay tuned every week for new bloopers!

Build the Best: EVGA nForce 780i SLI Motherboard Intel Quad Core

EVGA nForce 780i SLI Motherboard CPU BundleBuilding your own PC from the ground up allows you to choose the exact components that fit your needs. But if you buy the most powerful quad-core processor on the market and combine it with a motherboard that isn’t designed to take advantage of it, then some of that processor’s power is lost.

This is where our motherboard and processor bundles come in: By choosing to buy the EVGA nForce 780i SLI Motherboard CPU Bundle, you’ll avoid the headaches product incompatibilities bring with them.

Gamers – Wider Selection Now Available!

Gamer Gear at the All-New CompUSA.comGamers know what gear they want and need – they also know there are a large number of places that they can buy it – here at CompUSA we want you to know we have one of the countries largest selections of computer components. We are ready for you when you decide to upgrade your console, pc or laptop. We are ready when you are ready to add dual quad-core processors and new twin GeForce 9800 cards in SLI. We are ready to have you watch it on a new 50″ plasma tv to put on your wall!

CompUSA TV’s Logan is the man all about games – and he knows what he needs too – let him explain some of the new areas of expansion in the All-New CompUSA.com in this short video…

ECS AMD690GM-M2 Motherboard

The AMD690GM-M2 micro ATX motherboard supports the most powerful and energy-efficient AM2 CPUs like AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core, Athlon 64 FX, and Athlon 64 processors. It is based around the AMD 690G CHIPSET with ATI RADEON X1250 Graphics. The integrated graphics features a DVI connection, enabling users to experience faster graphics performance and […]

The MSI P6N SLI Platinum Motherboard

The MSI Platinum is built to run the fastest Intel processors. With a Socket 775 geared for Intel Core2 series including Core2 Duo, Core2 Quad, Core2 Extreme, the Intel Pentium series including Pentium D, Pentium 4, Pentium XE/Celeron D processors, this is the board specifically designed for 32 and 64 bit computing architecture. With an […]

Motherboard Mayhem!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! … This post has nothing to do with Monster Trucks. Furthermore, I will never post anything about Monster Trucks. It’s time to upgrade the rig. Some people start with the case, some start with the graphics cards, but I start with the motherboard. I’ve always been an AMD guy… And I’ve always […]