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Motorola HT820 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Bulk Pack

Bluetooth technology eliminates the need for wires that tangle our everyday lives. Streaming music and connecting devices are just a few uses for this powerful technology.

With this advancement, Motorola introduces the Motorola HT820 Stereo Bluetooth Headset, a Bluetooth device with easy-to-use controls for hours of hands-free listening and answering calls right from your communication device.

Worldwide Connection: Motorola A1200 Unlocked GSM Smartphone

Motorola A1200 Unlocked GSM SmartphoneMobile lifestyle has just reached a new level. Motorola A1200 smartphone is designed to suit your versatile and fast-paced lifestyle with its multiple organizational features and connectivity.

You’ll enjoy features such as the 2-megapixel camera that supports 1600×1200-pixel resolution and video in QCIF format.

Talk Freely with Motorola H375 Universal Bluetooth Headset

Motorola H375 Universal Bluetooth HeadsetAre you looking for a way to talk to someone on your cell phone while your hands are free to do another task? If that’s the case, then the Motorola H375 Universal Bluetooth Headset is perfect for you…

Motorola V1100 is a Lot of Phone for Very Little Money

Motorola V1100In the cellular phone arena, the competition between companies is as stiff as ever. It is as if no minute passes for companies to announce a new model that either combines new technologies or introduces a new feature altogether. Of course, this has benefited no one but us, the consumers.

What can’t be denied is that it is getting harder to choose one that is perfect for us. After all, we all have different needs and tastes. But for the stylish user, there remains one clear choice: the Motorola V1100. Bold and beautiful doesn’t begin to describe this sexy-looking cellular phone.

Review: Motorola RAZRwire Bluetooth Headset and Oakley Sunglasses

razrwire-image.jpgFinally, a fusion of eyewear and a bluetooth headset that doesn’t look ridiculous! This product is a collaboration between Motorola and Oakley. Motorola is the same portable communications powerhouse that brought you the RAZR flip phone…and if you’ve ever seen the sun, then you know who Oakley is.

Motorola to Make the Switch to Linux OS on Most Mobile Handsets

Motorola has decided to use a Linux-based operating system in new mobile phone models. The company intends to have the OS installed on 60 percent of its new handsets within the next two years. The handset giant has already installed Linux on the Razr2 V8, the next generation of slim phone and successor to the […]