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Apple iPod Touch 32GB is the Slimmest, Slickest way to Take Your Music with you

Apple iPod Touch 32GB It is true that for the greater half of this decade, iPods have been one of the best-performing and most sought-after media devices world-wide. It boasts of a minimalist design, which makes for superb ease-of-use and simplicity. However, as the competition thickened between portable media devices, newer iPods, including the redesigned Nano, began to lose some steam.

The competition was catching up and the iPod’s basic design was getting stale. Fortunately, with the coming of the Apple iPod Touch 32 GB media device, the iPod brand is ready to storm the market once again. Get ready for the brand new iPod experience and see why everyone is so excited about it.

Jabra S5010 Klipsch Stereo Speaker

Jabra S5010 Klipsch Stereo SpeakerA speaker has been created for all your mobile music devices by taking the best from two worlds: universal connectivity from Jabra, and world-class acoustics by Klipsch. It has been designed for music lovers who store music on a variety of devices and to provide high quality of sound regardless of the source.

The global No. 1 headset provider, Jabra, whose years of telecommunications excellence turned it into an award-winning electronics brand, naturally collaborated with the Klipsch Audio technologies to create this innovative wonder we know as the Jabra S5010 Klipsch Stereo Speaker.

Logitech AudioStation Express Speaker System

Since the advent of the iconic iPod, the undisputed ruler of the portable MP3 player arena, there’s been a storm of all-in-one speaker systems. I don’t much go in for “gimmick” speaker sets. Make mine loud, big, and ugly. But TigerTV host Jacia has found an iPod speaker dock that is downright attractive, even to […]

iPods New Cheating Threat In Classrooms

First it was baseball caps and cellphones. Then teachers started clearing the memories on graphing calculators, or forbidding them all together. The constant battle against cheating is a difficult one, because young people traditionally have a better grasp of technology than that of older generations. Now a new threat has entered the scholastic realm: iPods.

Steve Jobs says NO to Music Rentals on iTunes

Steve Jobs, the Chief Executive of Apple Inc., said that he is unlikely to give in to pressure from some ends of the music industry to add a subscription-based model to Apple’s popular iTunes store. Jobs told reporters that there was little public demand for a subscription service where users “rent” their music from iTunes. […]

EMI Music Giant to Offer DRM Free Music Over iTunes

Breaking from the rest of the recording industry, EMI Group said Monday it will begin selling songs online that are free of copy-protection technology through Apple Inc.’s iTunes Store. The deal, however, doesn’t include music from the label’s biggest act, The Beatles. iTunes customers will soon be able to buy songs by the Rolling Stones, […]

Sandisk Takes A Shot At iPod: The Sansa e280!

The SanDisk Sansa e280 is a sexy MP3 player! The e280 is a 8GB flash-based player with tons of extra features, a microSD slot, an impressively stylish design, PlaysForSure support, and a user-replaceable battery. The e200-series players are also a bit cheaper than their Apple counterparts. The Sansa’s drawbacks have to do with the controls […]

Germans, French Take A Stand To Force Apple’s Hand

Currently, songs purchased and downloaded through iTunes are designed to work with Apple’s market-leading iPod players but not competitors’ models, including those using Microsoft Corp.’s Windows Media system. Likewise, iPods generally can’t play copy-protected music sold through non-Apple stores. Last June, consumer agencies in Norway, Denmark and Sweden claimed that Apple was violating contract and […]

Tech News Wrap Up For The Week Of January 15, 2007

Black Hats Up On Current Events Launch Virus Wave Virus writers attacked thousands of computers on Friday with a Malware program that a security company has dubbed the “storm worm”.  The difference between this attack and others like it was the tag line of infected emails sent to victim computers: “230 dead as storm batters […]

Still a Great Multimedia Player…Microsoft’s Zune

Weighing only 5.6 ounces, 4.4 x 2.4 x 0.6 inches and 30GB of storage space, Microsoft’s Zune is just a little larger than Apple’s iPod – and Rocks. The Zune, available in Black, White and Brown, has several impressive features. It sports a 3-inch screen, four-way controller and a custom version of Microsoft’s Portable Media Center OS. The Zune also boasts two features that Apple hasn’t thought to add, an FM Tuner and Wi-Fi. It also has video playback and photo viewing capability.

Despite the Zune’s impressive features, it does have a few limitations. The Zune is not backward compatible with WMA-DRM9, it only supports WMV videos natively, it won’t play DRM video files and you can’t share video via Wi-Fi.