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Work or Play, the 19-inch I-Inc AG-191DPB is the perfect LCD

I-Inc AG-191DPB 19" LCD MonitorIf you are looking for an affordable replacement for your power-hungry CRT monitor, then why not look for an LCD monitor that takes up less space and uses even less power. The I-Inc AG-191DPB 19-inch LCD Monitor with Speakers is a great-value monitor that can provide competent graphic display as well as crisp and clear audio.

Simply designed in an all-black exterior, the I-Inc AG-191DPB 19-inch LCD Monitor will match with the rest of your computer chassis and peripherals. It has a big 19-inch screen in 4:3 aspect ratio, which makes this perfect for getting into the action of your favorite computer movies or simply working on your business documents.

Want to show off Digital Memories? 7-inch Cenomax Frame

Cenomax Digital Photo FrameTechnology is wonderful simply because it innovates and gives us better ways to cope with the rising demands of contemporary life. Take the coming of digital photo frames for example. Two decades ago, we had no other choice but to store our photos in albums that decay over time.

Now, with an excellent picture display medium such as the Cenomax Digital Photo Frame, we get to store and display our pictures arguably in a more convenient way. It is a prime example of how a seemingly simple innovation can make a big difference.

Color Video and Audio in your Pocket: Creative ZEN 8GB MP3 Player

The Creative Zen 8GB MP3 Player, is packed with outstanding features. It offers great value and not only sounds fantastic, but also sports a brilliant color screen that makes watching photos and video a total joy. It also offers a wide variety of desirable extras like an SD card expansion slot, an FM radio, and […]

SanDisk 4GB microSDHC with USB Reader and SD Adapter

SanDisk 4GB microSDHC with USB Reader and SD AdapterMost portable hard disk drives can store all sorts of files with memory capacities ranging from 100 gigabytes to a whopping 500 gigabytes–but they’re a bit bulky. However, if you need something that will fit right in your shirt pocket, then you may have to go with flash memory.

One of these products is the Sandisk 4GB microSDHC with USB Reader and SD Adapter. Sandisk is one of the pioneers of flash memory technology. Few other flash memory providers come close to the quality that Sandisk-made products provide.

Mobile Music Tranquility: Zen Stone MP3 Player

Creative Labs Zen Stone 1GB MP3 PlayerMP3 players come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. If you’re looking for the perfect combination of style, price, and function, then grab the Creative Labs Zen Stone 1GB MP3 Player.

This flash based MP3 player is so small that it is comparable to a matchbox. It features a nice glossy casing in a rounded-rectangle shape. The miniature device comes in six colors to allow you to express yourself.

Add Incredible Sound to your PC with Klipsch Groove PM20 Speakers

Klipsch Groove PM20 Computer SpeakersThere’s no better way to enhance your PC experience than to install a new set of speakers. Improve your PC’s audio with one of the most reliable names in the speaker business. The Klipsch Groove PM20 Computer Speakers are designed to be both visually and audibly appealing.

When choosing the perfect speaker set for your computer, you’ll want one that reproduces natural-sounding instruments and voices (an exaggerated bass or treble response can be quite annoying). The sound quality of these speakers provide the perfect sound stage.

iPod Envy: 80GB of Storage Space Available with iPod Classic

Apple iPOD 80GB MP3 Player Silver NewWant a portable media player that has an insane amount of storage space? Check out the Apple iPod Classic 80GB MP3 Player. There are several reasons why the iPod is so popular: classy design, easy-to-use interface, and impressive capabilities, to name a few.

And this revamped iPod has even more great stuff: an anodized-aluminum faceplate and chrome back layer, a 2.5 inch screen is located above the click-wheel. Read on and see for yourself: top quality has become a standard design for this generation of iPods.

Working out or on the Run: the Mach Speed Trio Clip MP3 Player

Mach Speed 2GB Trio Clip MP3 PlayerWhile there is currently no lack of choices when it comes to MP3 players, you should be aware that some offer more bang for your buck: you’ve just got to find them.

Let me introduce you to the Mach Speed 2GB Trio Clip MP3 Player. This MP3 player is a cut above the rest, boasting a host of features that prove this isn’t your run-of-the-mill MP3 player.

iPod Touch 32GB: Commune with your Music

iPod Touch 32GBApple iPods have become one of the most adored, beloved portable media devices in recent years: and the praise doesn’t go without reason! The fact that they are so easy to use and convenient to slip in your pocket and carry around make iPods simply one of a kind–That and the fact that they do their job without a hitch make them the gadgets to own in our generation.

And even as the competition ramps up, the iPod continues to be successful, thanks to continuous innovations. The iPod Touch 32GB marks the coming of the new iPod experience.

Mustek PF-A702BM Digital Photo Frame


Mustek PF-A722BM 6.2" Digital Picture FrameWho would have thought that even picture frames would get digital versions? In the past, the only purpose these age-old devices served was to give a photo a rigid structure to mount itself onto. The coming of digital photo frames go beyond that, with several added benefits. Aside from the fact that they’re not made of wood anymore, some like the remarkable Mustek PF-A702BM Digital Photo Frame is a digital display for your digital pictures and an MP3 player at the same time!