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Review: Sony Ericsson K850i Blue Camera Phone

While it is true that cellular phones equipped with cameras are nothing new to this generation of cellular phone users, the actual quality of the built-in cameras can sometimes leave a lot to be desired. What good is it to have a snazzy-looking cellular phone replete with a camera and whatnot, if the camera takes awful-looking photos anyway? If you really want a camera phone that can take pictures as beautifully as your dedicated stand-alone digital camera, then give some strong consideration to the Sony Ericcson K850i phone—a top-of-the-line cellular phone with a camera that is perfect down to the last pixel.Sony Ericcson K850i phone—a top-of-the-line cellular phone with a camera that is perfect down to the last pixel.

Bose SoundDock Digital Music System

Bose SoundDock Digital Music System for the Apple iPodWith the Bose SoundDock Digital Music System, the true beauty of the songs in your iPod MP3 player can be revealed. While it is true that the standard earphones aren’t half bad, they just can’t deliver the level of depth and detail that only true speaker systems can deliver. Plus, with speakers, others will be able to join in on the musical fun as well. So without further ado, I urge you to put your ears close to the Bose SoundDock Digital Music System and get ready to be blown away by the sound.

Centon 4GBMP3-001 4GB: Most Valuable (MP3) Player

Centon 4GBMP3-001 4GB MP3 PlayerWhy spend so much on a 4GB MP3 player when you can get the audio entertainment you need in a gadget at the lowest price imaginable? If you are still looking for an MP3 player that has the versatility to deliver your choice collection of music and provide you storage space for your computer files, get the Centon 4GBMP3-001 4GB MP3 Player.

Review: Motorola RAZRwire Bluetooth Headset and Oakley Sunglasses

razrwire-image.jpgFinally, a fusion of eyewear and a bluetooth headset that doesn’t look ridiculous! This product is a collaboration between Motorola and Oakley. Motorola is the same portable communications powerhouse that brought you the RAZR flip phone…and if you’ve ever seen the sun, then you know who Oakley is.

Nike and iPod Collaborate on “Smart” Workout

apple-ipod-nano-black1.jpgYour iPod nano is no longer just an entertainment accessory as you rush off to your morning jog. Apple dares you to crank up the volume as it unleashes the Nike + iPod, the newest and biggest thing to ever happen to your morning exercise. Thanks to a unique partnership between NIKE and Apple, your iPod nano becomes your coach, your personal trainer and your favorite workout companion.

U2 Challenges Internet Providers

u2_01.jpgThe world famous band U2‘s advocacy on fairness is echoed not only by its four members, but by its manager as well. Paul McGuinness, U2′s manager for the past thirty years, challenged Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to take up the cudgels against freeloaders who get their music fix from illegal downloads. He called for immediate disconnection policies and added that governments should prod the ISPs as well. More »

New Zune: Microsoft’s Solid-State Answer to Apple’s iPod

zunedevicefamily.jpgHave you Seen the new 8GB Microsoft Zune? It’s hard to look at it and not think of some of the older versions of the iPod nano. Probably not a coincidence, especially when you consider that the Zune’s official website bears a strong resemblance to Apple’s. Interestingly enough, the word Microsoft is not even mentioned on the site.

Music Labels to QTrax: No Deal

qtrax-press_pic04.gifThe world’s biggest music companies, including Warner Music Group Corp and Sony BMG, denied that they have agreed to license songs for a free download service that was launched by Qtrax on Monday. Qtrax told Reuters and other media outlets last week that it had deals with the major labels representing about 75 percent of all music sales, to let users download songs for free in a new service to be supported by advertising revenue.

D-Link DNS-323 Network Attached Storage Device and Me

Wil here again, with a cool networking product I want to recommend. We all know one can never have too much storage space for their data – and now that I have a 13 Mbps Internet connection, my storage is running out FAST and I don’t have the time nor patience to backup my data on DVDs. So the other day I got myself a D-Link DNS-323 NAS Device. NAS stands for Network Attached Storage if you like to type a lot.

MP3 Player Inappropriate Content Upsets Family

MP3 player full of porn land under little girl’s treeParents were quite surprised when their daughter opened her new MP3 player – only to find it contained content inappropriate for children, even shocking for some adults.

The device was loaded with porn. Prompting the young girl to ask, “Why would Santa do this to me?”, her parents immediately knew something was terribly wrong.