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Myspace and Facebook Profiles : the Next Resume?

I was recently going through some articles, and came across an interesting batch about Facebook and Myspace. Facebook and Myspace are both widely used social networking sites that allow the user to create a home page about themselves, and locate other users via browse features included in the site.

SaferSpace: Monitor Child MySpace Accounts

SaferSpace.Net has launched with a monitoring service that lets parents automatically monitor their children’s MySpace profiles for content, track when their children log into the MySpace website, and store and view cached versions of monitored MySpace profiles from the past 30 days.

MySpace’s removal of over 29,000 convicted sex offenders from the site highlights the need for parents to be aware of their children’s activity on the social-networking website. Also, studies have linked the use of social networking websites with the decline of students’ grades. According to a study by Tamyra Pierce of the Department of Mass Communication and Journalism at California State University, Fresno, students with MySpace accounts reported their grades were significantly lower this year than last year, compared to students without MySpace accounts.

Small Package, Small Price, Big Device: The RCA Small Wonder Digital Video Camcorder

There is an inherent conundrum to owning a digital video camera: how much can you spend, without being terrified to take the thing outdoors and actually capture your life? Believe me, I’ve got a few family ski trips whose video documentation consist entirely of before and after interviews safe and snug in the hotel room.