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Waterproof GPS? Garmin eTrex Legend Navigator

Garmin eTrex Legend GPS NavigatorGet on the right track, the right way. The Garmin eTrex Legend GPS Navigator is a compact and lightweight global positioning system navigator that you can take anywhere, anytime, no matter what the weather is like. Its design and architecture are specially designed to take you almost anywhere you please.

The Garmin eTrex Legend GPS Navigator has special features that help you on your travels. Plus, its user-friendly interface makes navigation a lot easier. There are no complicated controls to think about, so that’s the least of your worries.

Plenio VXA-3000 GPS – Cruising with 2D/3D Maps


 Plenio VXA-3000 GPS with 2D/3D MapsPressing buttons on a GPS navigation system while driving can get a tad frustrating, especially when you’re already lost. A touch-screen unit therefore becomes the choice for drivers because you get a hassle-free, user-friendly device that will quickly help you reach your destination. This is why people should install a Plenio VXA-3000 GPS unit in their cars. With its great features and affordable price tag, this GPS gadget truly becomes the product of choice for people looking for something more than just a navigation device: it has a built-in audio and video player, photo viewer, and gaming suite, all for your entertainment.

Garmin Nüvi 350 GPS Reciever Review

garmin-in-use.jpgHave you been looking for a GPS that gets the job done without any setbacks, and yet is generous to your bank account? Ladies and gentlemen, Garmin’s nüvi 350 GPS Reviever is the answer you seek.

With steep competition among GPS manufacturers and an oversaturation of choices, at times it becomes a difficult task in itself to determine which product is right for your exact needs. But with the nüvi 350, you can rest assured that it’s the perfect intersection of all of your expectations in a GPS unit.