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E-Waste: Toxins in Everyday Technology


Have you ever upgraded any of your technology? Chances are you have, because as technology advances faster than we can catch up, we tend to replace our “obsolete” older technology and replace it with faster, better, and more powerful items that give us the tools that we need. So what happens to this old tech? […]

Belkin F5D4071 Powerline Turbo Network Adapter

Belkin F5D4071 Powerline Turbo Network AdapterSome few years ago, the types of networks we could implement in our own homes were limited. What’s more, most of these types made use of a wiring system that can sometimes lead to headaches for casual PC users. At the turn of the century however, all of that changed as the types of network we could set up began to increase.

Aside from traditional Ethernet networking, we now have the option to use a variety of other networks through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HomePNA or Powerline networking. Powerline networking is especially easy to set up and very affordable. The Belkin F5D4071 Powerline Turbo Network Adapter for instance, is an instant plug-and-play Powerline networking device that will solve your networking problems as fast as you can install it.

HP to launch miniature laptop, the latest “netbook.”

HP Netbooks will be a drive-less internet and work platformThe term “laptop” is quickly becoming obsolete. Hewlett-Packard Co., currently the No. 1 brand in the worldwide PC arena, is putting considerable resources into a new class of personal computer: the minature laptop. It’s a market in which Intel and Asus (Asustek Computers, Inc.) have already set up shop to serve the demand for low-cost, trimmed-down machines. HP’s entry into this market illustrates a shift of direction in mobile computing—specialized and smaller. Take out the size, weight and expense of traditional laptops. These “laptop lights” are designed for younger users who primarly use them to surf the web, send and receive e-mail and other basic functions, like word processing. It’s a “netbook.”

Japanese Robot Phones Interact with You

PhoneBraver is a little Robot-like cell phone that can interact with youWant a Cell phone that turns into a Robot? Me too. But while there’s little hope any of us will ever get their very own Transformer, a Japanese company called Softbank Mobile Corp. wants to hook you up with the next best thing. It’s called the PhoneBraver, and looks like a small humanoid robot with arms, legs, and faces. The little monster’s bodies are made up of the cell phone itself.

Touchy Technology: The Modern Proliferation of Touch Screens

microsoft_surface_coffee_table.jpgWe can clearly see the abundance of hi-tech changes occurring in the world around us. Our cars can be unlocked instantaneously with just a phone call. We can see our loved ones from miles away using a web cam. And who would miss those oversized roadmaps when a GPS can smoothly navigate to your desired destination? But one of the most obvious ways technology is changing the world around us is right at our fingertips.

Air Force Develops High Tech Way To Prevent Friendly Fire


According to the United States Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio — The Air Force has developed a technology that helps identify friendly forces during combat exercises. This can dramatically reduce friendly fire incidents in training, and potentially on the battlefield.