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Apple iPod Accessories at CES 2008 Las Vegas

iPhoneEven though Apple products get their own show every year, CES 2008 is Las Vegas was literally inundated with products for the Apple iPod. Whether you want to use your iPod as a clock, radio, or just want to walk around your house using your iPhone like a regular phone, there was something for everyone. TigerTV host Nikki was on the scene and got to sample some of the great iPod accessories that were dreamed up by the show’s participants. Check it out!

TigerTV Pink Friday LIVE! a Great Success

What a show! TigerDirect’s TigerTV Pink Friday LIVE! Event was a tremendous success. We thank all of our viewers for watching and hope to see you online again soon in more upcoming LIVE TigerTV broadcasts. Nearly 100,000 individuals viewed our webcast and we thank those who watched a majority of the 15 hour broadcast.

In case you didn’t get a chance to tune-in, you can checkout a few images in the gallery below.

Full archives of the show are available now on Tiger.TV.

TigerTV welcomes Nikki!

TigerTV is proud to announce a new and upcoming addition to our team – Nikki! You will be seeing a lot of Nikki as she comes on board to provide a new perspective on technology products and deliver great deals, entertainment and more!

Nikki has a long history of television, movie and theater credits including ‘Young and the Restless,’ ‘All My Children,’ ‘Sweet Valley High,’ ‘My Games Fever,’ and ‘The Mancuso Family.’ After my long discussions with Nikki, she absolutely loves technology products and gadgets. When asked to tell us about her cell phone, she went on and on and on!