OCZ Platinum Dual Channel 2048MB PC10666 DDR3 1333MHz Memory (2 x 1024MB)With Intel’s gradual release of chipsets that can support third generation DDR memory, such as P35, X38 and X48, the call to open up to future technology has now been greater. The reign of DDR2 memory modules is finally drawing to a close, especially now that the latest motherboards have greater capacities for overclocking by increasing the front side bus speed.

DDR3 memory is fast becoming the memory of choice, primarily because this technology prefetches 8 bits per clock cycle, meaning I/Os are run at eight times the core clock frequency. If you are a memory enthusiast who wants a kit of ram that offers more than just loads of overclocking potential, get the OCZ Platinum Dual Channel 2048MB PC3-10666 DDR3 1333MHz Memory.