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Great for Hi-Def: Onkyo HTS5100B Home Theater System

Onkyo has unleashed its latest development for the home theater arena, the Onkyo HTS5100B Home Theater System. This home theater system is a powerhouse for High-Definition video sources with iPod playback and SIRIUS connectivity.

The Onkyo HTS5100B uses HDMI technology for excellent video performance that produces a resolution of up to 1080p. Three HDMI inputs are available for fast switching from one display to another. This feature is perfect for enabling the highest possible video resolution.

Onkyo TX-SR506 Black Home Theater Receiver Supports Surround Sound

Onkyo TX-SR506 Black Home Theater ReceiverIf you want a highly functional, yet highly affordable home theatre receiver for your entertainment center, then you should try the Onkyo TX-SR506 Black Home Theater Receiver. This receiver is an affordable control center for your entire entertainment system. It has the power to control your speakers and let you listen to high quality sound from your audio sources and provide the decoding necessary for surround sound.

It is also a very capable piece of equipment since it can serve as a switch between your home theater’s audio/video sources. Better yet, it even allows you to tailor the sound of your system to fit your room and listening tastes.

Video and Audio Central: Onkyo HTS3100B Black Home Theater System

Onkyo HTS3100B Black Home Theater SystemIf you want to rig up your family room with a home entertainment system, then having a home theatre in a box (HTIB) is the easiest way to do it. The Onkyo HTS3100B Black Home Theater System is an entry-level package with high quality features.

The complete product consists of a flexible HDTV-capable A/V receiver with DTS and Dolby Digital processing, five surround sound loudspeakers and a passive subwoofer. There seems to be nothing better designed to give great audio quality than this reliable seven-piece set.

The Onkyo TX-SR575 Reciever will Keep your HD TV Company

Onkyo TX-SR575Founded over half a decade ago, Onkyo has become one of the most outstanding home theater-solutions providers today. Their dedication to home theater systems, especially in terms of sound is legendary.

Generation after generation, they wowed the world with innovative and trailblazing home theater systems and receivers—one of the most recent of which is the HT-S990THX, the world’s first THX-certified integrated home theater system. For Onkyo, it really is all about the sound, and the A/V receiver we’re here to talk about, the Onkyo TX-SR575, reiterates that slogan in every point.

Radio Overload: AM FM XM Sirius HD – Will it End?

With everyone saying the radio market is on the way down, with legislation providing higher costs for web broadcasters and with everyone toting around a MP3 player all the time – does anyone just sit at home and listen to the radio?

Onkyo thinks so, or at least it seems. Their recent announcement of upcoming models includes the uber connected radio option laden model TX-NR905, which when released will run you a cool $2099, but will allow you to choose from FM, AM, XM, Sirius, HD-Radio and even Net radio. Wow. So many options, no program guides!