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A New Star Trek! NASA To Go Massively Multiplayer

200801011_1.jpgNASA is going to offer space travel to everyone! “If the army’s doing it, so can we.” That seems to be the credo that NASA’s adopting these days with the announcement that they’re looking to venture into the massively-multiplayer online gamespace.

Game Killing Extends Offline in Russia

World of WarcraftWorld of Warcraft and other popular online multi-player games have organization into clans, groups or teams which work together to eliminate the opposing team. When a recent online game didn’t go quite the way they were expecting, two online gaming clans in Russia decided to meet IRL, or in-real-life.

What happens next can barely be explained – one of the players killed an opposing 30 year-old player, supposedly for getting his #$@ kicked online. Check out the news reel.

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