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Intel embraces Open Source with Moblin.org

Open Source is all the rage – and Intel is truly involved. In this video from Blip.TV, Doug Fischer, Intel Vice President & GM System Software Division, discusses open source, and Intel’s use of Moblin.org as a true open source project. For more information please join the discussion in Intel’s Open Source Community.

CybertronPC CAD Workstation and Visionman Linux Based Desktop

This CybertronPC Extreme CAD workstation is ready to run anything from Maya to Autocad, from Bryce 3D Poser to Solidworks, to Catia and other designing software. It features an Intel Core 2 Extreme QUAD Core processor, 8GB of DDR2-800 memory, 2 Raptors in RAID 0, an NVIDIA QUADRO FX3500 workstation video card, and runs Windows XP Professsional 64-bit.

ATI Loves Penguins!


Penguin lovers and Ubuntu adopters rejoice. AMD plans to release open source ATI drivers! AMD’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, Henri Richard, recently stated they were going to be very proactive in changing the way interface with the Linux community. This is great news. Nvidia was usually the best option for 3-D in […]