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PC World needs a Spell-Checker

PC World posted an article tonight entitled, “Full Emersion in the Cyberworld is coming” [sic].  It’s 2010 folks.  Spell-check exists. 


Traditional print media, such as PC World and local newspapers, continue to tout their superiority in editorial skills, investigative reporting, vetting sources and grammar.  So what the heck is this?  Someone was totally immersed in their work.

TigerDirect Sponsors Dream PC

Dream PC 2008Want the best PC available? A PC worth $30,000? It’s not a stretch, and TigerDirect is proud to announce their sponsorship of the PC World 2008 Dream PC. And you can win it too!

“If money were no object, you’d probably build the biggest, baddest, best PC. Well, that’s what we’re doing–only we’re giving it away when we’re done! PC World’s editors are picking their favorite components to custom-build the ultimate desktop computer, and you could win it!1