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PC Gaming Experience at its Best

l23-7260.jpgAlthough more known for their mice, PC speakers, and keyboards, Logitech was still able to make a name for itself in the gaming gear arena. In the goal to expand expertise in product design beyond the computer mouse, Logitech has increased its portfolio with other interface devices for computers, consoles, and digital music or home-entertainment systems. High quality and performance is the top priority of this company, as it is constantly innovating products to adapt to the rapidly expanding world of technology. Logitech’s collection of innovation now includes a wide array of products for PC navigation, gaming, Internet communications, digital music and home-entertainment control. And their products are sold all over the world. More »

Microsoft Extends Warranty on XBox 360

Microsoft is extending its Xbox 360 game console warranty. The previous limit, which was 90 days, has been extended to one year. The switch applies to both current and future owners.

Minor Damage Reported in some Consoles

Last fall, a glitch in the Xbox’s online updating system caused damage to a small number of consoles before the problem could be fixed. At least one customer has sued.