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Garmin Nuvi 200W GPS Navigation


Garmin Nuvi 200W GPS NavigationTruth be told, not every one of us is blessed with a good sense of direction. Getting lost in the city wastes us valuable time, fuel, and ultimately money. What’s more, driving in the city is stressful as it is, so when you constantly find yourself taking the wrong turns and running in circles, you feel tremendous frustration. If you are one of these people who aren’t particularly gifted with a biological compass, the next best thing would be to get a GPS navigation device. Turn to the Garmin Nuvi 200W GPS navigation device, and let it guide you to where you want to go.

Nüvifone: Garmin Enters Mobile Phone Market

garmin-nuviphone.jpgGarmin International Inc., the world’s leading GPS manufacturer, announced its entrance into the mobile phone market with the nüvifone. An all-in-one, slim bodied, touchscreen device, the nüvifone combines the features of a premium phone, mobile web-browser, and cutting-edge personal navigator.