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Yahoo and SanDisk Get Busy on MP3 iPod Fighter

Flash memory maker Sandisk Corp. said on Monday that Yahoo Inc. would provide music services for its Sansa Connect digital audio player. Sansa Connect lets users listen to typical MP3 songs, but also has a built-in Wi-Fi wireless communication connection, allowing users to download songs from Yahoo’s service without first linking to a personal computer.

Looking For The Right Cable? Come On Down To Tiger Direct!

The Powers That Be in todays uber-wired world would have you believe that the most important part of your computer is the CPU. Or the Operating System. But anyone who’s ever bought a snazzy new peripheral and then sat there, looking from the tip of the connector to the back of their PC and back […]

Feel Lost Without The Net? The Nokia NSeries Is The Perfect Tablet For the Addicted Masses!

Do you need the internet to feel sane? Then you need a Nokia N800 NSeries Internet Tablet. The Nokia N800 Internet Tablet exemplifies the epitome of technology, style and portability. The N800 easily connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi or compatible cellular phone. Enjoy the Internet on a portable size tablet with a high-resolution widescreen […]

Help: storage for pictures and e-mail

Help!My computer has crashed 3 times in the past 6 mo. due to various reasons (probably my inexperience) Every time this happens, I loose my pictures, sent e-mail and Microsoft updates. What product should I purchase for a back up if this happens in the future?

The Seagate backup external hard drive in your last sales flyer looks like it might be the solution, but I am not sure what size to buy. Could you advise please?

iSee 360i – Add video to your aging iPod

When you are envious of everyone’s Video iPod, have no fear – a solution to convert your aging iPod into a video-enabled machine can push you ahead of your friends – they don’t have PVR functionality, do they?

This is the iSee 360i. It provides you with a larger viewing area than ANY iPod on the market today in it’s unique docking unit and base station. Further providing more than just the ability to view downloaded video clips on the internet, the iSee 360i allows you to record to and from any analog device – your television cable convertor, Direct TV receiver or even a DVD player.

To learn more about the iSee 360i, visit TigerDirect.com. Compared at $289.99, you’ll save big when you purchase the iSee 360i from TigerDirect. Check it out today!

Hurry – The Sale Ends This Sunday!

Tiger Direct has a huge assortment of computers and other electronics on sale at amazing low prices. TigerDirect carriers the most powerful processors in desktop and laptop computers to portable GPS navigators, satellite radio receivers and everything else in between. Here are just a few examples of TigerDirect’s super holiday sales ENDING THIS SUNDAY

Archos 504 160GB Multi Format Portable Multimedia Player Overview

The ARCHOS 504 is the PMP with the biggest storage capacities of the Gen 4 range. The ARCHOS 504 can store up to 4505 movies and its bright and luminous 16/9 screen brings you the best portable video experience.

Watch movies or music clips on the built-in 4.3″ TFT widescreen or playback on TV in high resolution up to 720 x 576 (DVD quality) with the DVR station. Play a large variety of video files, including MPEG-41, WMV2 and protected WMV2 and read MPEG-4 AAC/H.2643 (.MP4 QuickTime files), MPEG-24, and VOB4 with optional software plug-ins (soon available on this website). The ARCHOS 504 also offers many more functionalities such as slow motion, adjustable screen size, video editing and even a video bookmarking function.

And the Battle Continues…Zune vs. iPod

The underdog is continuing to bark and bark louder. The questions is, how vicious will Microsoft’s bite be. Microsoft’s “iPod Killer” is slowly gaining popularity and it has spent millions-upon-millions of dollars developing the Zune and aiming to take down Apple’s iPod. The UK Times performed a bench test comparing the two portable multi-media players […]

Sirius Radio – THE best Holiday Gift!

While you may be stumped trying to pick a great present for your special someone this holiday, make sure to consider the great products available from Sirius Radio. TigerDirect Editor Dan Brown gives us a brief video introduction to these great new Sirius Radios!

Want to learn more about Sirius Radio?

Buying Guide: Portable Media Players

So you’re in the gym and see nearly everyone with some device strapped his or her arm. It looks like the remote control to your kid’s TV. The guy in the cube next to you at work always has his headphones on, his fingers drumming to a raucous beat that only he can hear. You take the kids to visit your mom and even grandma has one.

What’s the world coming to? Are you the only person without one of these media player things? What’s it all about? Where did they come from? What are the differences between these media players?