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TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice April 30, 2012

Its Monday on Tech Juice at TigerDirect TV! Yendi gives us the low down on the GeForce GTX 690. Barnes & Noble and Microsoft are not partners for e-Reading after a $300 Million Deal. Check out TigerDirect’s Deal of the Day!

Suitable for School or Office: NEC NP200 DLP Projector

If it is a mobile projector you want, then you better check out the NEC NP200 DLP Projector. This portable projector is easy on both your eyes and wallet.

It has a set of impressive features that will surely make your viewing and presentation pleasurable. And since it is equipped with the technology of Digital Light Processing (DLP), you’ll be staring at its smooth and jitter-free display for a long time.

BenQ W500 LCD Projector has Cinema Mode

The BenQ W500 LCD Projector will illuminate scenes with vivid colors that are ideal for your viewing needs…

Toshiba TLP-WX2200U LCD Projector Features Anti-Theft Device

Precise image projection with a touch of mobility at an incredibly affordable price – these are just some things the Toshiba TLP-WX2200U LCD Projector can offer you.

The innovative Toshiba’s TLP-WX2200U LCD projector can help you create your very own cinema house experience. This widescreen mobile projector can display incredible images that will surely awe any movie lover. You don’t have to leave home just to experience the thrill of watching movies in a cinema-like fashion; you can experience it right at home with the Toshiba TLP-WX2200U LCD Projector.

Affordable and Convenient: NEC VT590 LCD Projector

The NEC VT590 LCD Projector can emit high resolution images, is equipped with a user-friendly interface and is packed with a wide range of convenient features that will make your presentation comfortable on the eyes.

Setting up the NEC VT590 LCD Projector requires no effort at all. It has the intuitive technology of plug-and-play, so even if you’re a first timer in setting up projectors, you need not worry about doing it wrong.

Famous Brand Home Theater DLP Projector Works with HD Images

Famous Brand Home Theater DLP ProjectorRare is a home theatre projector that can offer a pleasing design, visually compelling images, and equally competent price tag…

Ideal for Presentations: TDP-PX10U DLP Projector

TDP-PX10U DLP ProjectorWhen presenting new business strategies or office initiatives to your clients or staff, you need to be able to make a strong impression…

Expand your Vision with Mitsubishi XD500U DLP Projector

Mitsubishi XD500U DLP ProjectorPresent your ideas in stunning clarity with visual aid. Get your ideas across in great detail and arouse people’s interest. Get a projector that will help you with your presentations. Choose one that is user-friendly, versatile, and powerful. Choose the compact Mitsubishi XD500U DLP projector to forge that link with your audience.

This portable projector is slimmer and more compact than most projectors today. Its curved exterior sports a white-and-grey color combination, which helps it blend well in nearly any office or classroom. And the lamp is situated at the center for mounting convenience.

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080UB LCD Projector

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080UBIf you want to experience viewing movies at home in full Cineplex fashion, then you have but one way to go: a high-definition, high-quality home cinema projector. LCD and Plasma HDTVs just won’t cut it the way a true home cinema projector will.

A home cinema projector like the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080UB displays movies, sporting events and even games in a literally larger-than-life manner. You can take my word for it; watching all of those with the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 1080UB is simply a captivating and breathtaking experience.

Tackle Workplace Presentations: Viewsonic PJ551D DLP Projector

Viewsonic PJ551D DLP ProjectorDo you suddenly feel like watching brighter and smoother presentations in the office? Are you craving for pixels on the screen that are far less noticeable? Would you want to be more effective in delivering your presentations?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, you have probably also tried to look for the perfect portable projector to use in your office. Thanks to the ViewSonic PJ551D DLP Projector, those dull, two-hour meetings that seemed to go for ages are over.