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New and Improved: Space Invaders Extreme

It has been 30 years since the original Space Invaders hit arcades, which then politely proceeded to relieve people of their hard-earned coins. The game was successful because of its addictive formula involving shooting never-ending fleets of alien creatures to get the highest score.

Although painfully slow-moving, these aliens are a persistent lot, and even if you’ve shot down tens upon thousands of their comrades, they valiantly persevere. In fact, the only thing that’s more persevering than these aliens is the Space Invaders franchise itself. Space Invaders Extreme has landed on the PSP—with the same addictive gameplay created 30 years back, the same pesky aliens and a graphical overhaul.

Solve Puzzles and Fight Snakes in Lego Indiana Jones PSP

Relive the intrepid explorer’s epic adventures as he makes his way through the first three installments of the Indiana Jones movie franchise.

Albeit a lot more tongue in cheek than George Lucas originally envisioned the movies would ever be, the game version lets you experience all the adventures that Indy gets himself into while throwing lots of puzzles and humorous anecdotes to keep you amused throughout the game. Be warned though – the Lego monkeys can be a bit unnerving!

PSP Sound System Deal Spotted…

DreamGear Sound PSPPSPs have great sound and a speaker system for them would be a great thing to use in your room, office, dorm – wherever you want to hear it out loud. According to the folks over at PSP News, they’ve spotted just such a sound system on CompUSA that’s a deal compared to the others online.

Dreamgear PSP I. Sound Speaker System for Sony PSP” is available at … CompUSA at a very competitive price of $9.97

Google says Android phone beats everything

androidphone.jpgOne day, Google believes, software developers will love its “non-existent” Android handset just as much as they love the iPhone – and maybe more. Speaking this morning at eComm, a conference dedicated to “emerging communications,” Google mobile platforms guru Rich Miner acknowledged that for the moment, Apple may have an advantage. After all, Steve Jobs and company have actually shipped a piece of hardware, while the first Android handset won’t arrive until “the second half of this year.” But Miner also told the crowd that Stevo hasn’t treated developers as well as they deserve. More »