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iBuypower 531-GN AMD Gaming Computer Features 12-in-1 Card Reader

iBuypower Gamer 531-GN AMD Gaming ComputerLet’s face the fact: if you want to enjoy games the way they were intended to be, then your PC should be built with the best components. It’s plain and simple to understand that your PC gaming experience relies very much on the power of your PC itself.

With the iBuypower Gamer 531-GN AMD Gaming Computer, you’ll be able to reach gaming bliss through its phenomenal gaming performance. Fashioned to meet the needs of a hardcore gamer, this PC is, needless to say, a powerhouse.

True Quad-Core Performance at its Most Affordable

amd-phenom-9500-cp2-am2-950.jpgSince the early days of the critically-acclaimed Athlon processors, AMD has been providing us with world-class processors at prices accessible to the mainstream user. Now, with the introduction of their first quad-core processor, the Phenom, AMD seeks to continue its tradition of bringing cutting-edge technology to everyone—from the casual gamer to the demanding office user and everyone in between. If you have always wanted to acquire a true quad-core processor but have always been turned off by the meteoric prices, then give the AMD Phenom 9500 some significant consideration. It is one of the most affordable quad-core processors in the market today. More »

Hewlett Packard Noir: HP Blackbird 002 Dedication Edition

200801010_2.jpgIntel’s newest gaming technology ignites every gamer’s fantasy as it fuels your entertainment inside the new HP Blackbird 002 Dedication Edition. Equipped with fully customizable features and a Quad-Core Intel® Core™2 Extreme processor QX6850 it’s designed to ignite your game and fuel your entertainment. This box brings Half Life to Total Life!