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iPhone Users: Get $100 – $200 from Apple for VERY limited time

With all of our über-geeks out there, we know that many of you are secretly (or not so secretly) using an iPhone. It truly is one of the devices in a long-time to take a complete departure from the norm and basically do a lot of things right – but as with any new break-out product – there will be some revisions over time.

Today, Steve Jobs posted an “Open Letter” after purportedly getting, and reading, hundreds of emails from iPhone owners over the recent price drop of a $599 iPhone (with 8GB) to $399 after such a very short time. Can’t blame Steve on trying to get everyone to chip in for R&D on this device including the purchase of the company who designed much of the interface on their own, can ya?

Microsoft Extends Warranty on XBox 360

Microsoft is extending its Xbox 360 game console warranty. The previous limit, which was 90 days, has been extended to one year. The switch applies to both current and future owners.

Minor Damage Reported in some Consoles

Last fall, a glitch in the Xbox’s online updating system caused damage to a small number of consoles before the problem could be fixed. At least one customer has sued.