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A Mini DV Camcorder for the Rest of Us: the JVC GR-DA30 US

JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV CamcorderThere was once a time when digital video cameras looked like big heaping hunks of plastic. No matter how well these earlier incarnations did their job, they weren’t easy to carry around. And even the lowest performing models cost you an arm and a leg.

The times have changed! If you’re after a great deal on a powerful video camcorder, consider the refurbished JVC GR-DA30 US Mini DV Camcorder. Modern in any sense of the word, this high performance camcorder is very easy to use and wield. Most importantly, it comes with a very attractive (read:low) price tag!

Brother HL-5280DW Refurbished Laser Printer

Price is always a limiting factor when it comes to shopping for any piece of office equipment, especially a printer. But there comes a point where you’ve got to consider output quality and reliability as well. Want the best of both worlds? Check out the Brother HL-5280DW Refurbished Laser Printer. We carry both the refurb […]

HP Pavilion dv9339us Refurbished Notebook PC

HP Pavilion dv9339us Refurbished Notebook PC

HP Pavilion dv9339us Refurbished Notebook PCIf you’re one of the people who won’t compromise computing performance for mobility, you may be looking for a desktop-replacement Laptop. Desktop-replacements offer a higher overall performance and extra features that just wouldn’t be possible in their more compact brethren.

Of course, that’s not to say that they’re any less mobile. These laptops are still, by leaps and bounds, easier to carry around than a full-fledged desktop PC. Check out the HP Pavilion dv9339us Refurbished Notebook PC: a power-packed laptop that remains mobile enough for users on the go.

It’s a Digital Life: HP Pavilion m8200n Desktop PC

HP Pavilion m8200n Refurbished AMD Desktop PC There are some PCs that are specially built for business applications. Then there are others designed to handle content creation and animation.

But right now, we’re going to take a look at Desktops specifically designed to organize your digital life. If you have any idea what digital life means, you’ll love the HP Pavilion m8200n AMD Desktop PC:an affordable refurbished PC that is ideal for taking care of all your digital media!

Great Value: Refurbished HP Pavilion dv6604nr Notebook PC

HP Pavilion dv6604nr Refurbished Laptop ComputerWhen thinking about dual-core laptops, one thing comes to mind: dual-core laptops aren’t very budget-friendly. Laptops are already pricier than desktops with similar configurations. Add to this that dual-core processors are traditionally thought of as top-of-the-line and thus, more expensive than single-core processors. Hence, it is understandable that most people see dual-core laptops as exclusive to those with thick pockets. Thankfully, that is all about to change with the ultra-affordable Hp Pavillion dv6604nr laptop computer, which presents a great opportunity to experience a truly mobile dual-core computing solution!

Gateway Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86GHz Desktop PC only 459.99

Media Center and computing powerhouse! – only a few words to describe the Gateway Intel Core 2 Duo 1.86GHz Desktop PC, now available at TigerDirect for a limited time for only $ 459.99.

Check out the October End of Month Clearance event, now going on – at TigerDirect.com!

Don’t be Nervous: Google Flies Refurb

Google uses a refurb planeRefurbished items often get a bad rap – why? Well, people consider them ‘second class’ and only want to buy new and pay twice the price. Tonight the news caught my eye – and provided a perfect example of how frugal companies keep the budget balanced even when splurging a bit.

Google is operating a refurbished wide-body Boeing 767-200 out of Moffett Field a stones throw from their headquarters in California. Better yet, the field is owned and operated by NASA who is utilizing the extra space on the planes for instrumentation to collect data during flights for various studies.

Another Vista PC for under $500.00 Dollars: The Gateway GT5426E Refurbished Desktop PC!

Most people assume that you’ve got to spend a lot to get a lot, especially in the computer industry. TigerDirect.com and TigerDirectNews say Not So! Emphatically, in fact. I often showcase PCs that are as affordable as they are usable, desirable, capable, etc. While they may not be breaking news, they are certainly the types […]

A Powerful PC for Less: The eMachines T5082 Refurbished Desktop PC

We showcase computers on our TigerDirect news site all the time. From fast ones to ultra-portable PCs, we’ve done it all. But one category that I feel gets neglected is bargain PCs that actually pull more than their fair share of the load. A cheap PC is one thing, an inexpensive PC that has the […]

True Multimedia PCs from Gateway: Get more for much, much less!

Are you still watching the television the airwaves or cable programmers deign to provide you? For Shame! You need to get with the Multimedia future, my friend. As it so happens, I’m standing very close to a pair of Multimedia-ready machines right now. Gateway makes some of the best PCs on the market, and our […]