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Maxtor OneTouch III 750GB External Hard Drive

Maxtor OneTouch III 750GB External Hard DrivePicture yourself turning your PC on simply to surf the Net or do something fairly inconsequential. However, there is a problem: the PC just won’t turn on. You then check everything up and suddenly, you figure it out. The hard disk is shot. It’s not working. Reality sinks in, and you realize that all your important files are there. Helpless, you shake your head in utter frustration and disbelief. Now, truth be told, losing your files is simply a painful experience. Of course, it is also an experience that could have been easily avoided had all those files been properly backed up. With the Maxtor OneTouch III 750GB External Hard Drive, you’ll be able to do just that in a quick and simple way. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Netgear Smartswitch: Making the Switch to a Better Network

Netgear 48-port gigabit smartswitchBuilding a network of personal computers is one of the most important things that today’s up and coming businesses simply cannot take for granted. More than ever, it is critical for businesses to establish a reliable network in order to facilitate the transfer of important and time-critical information from department to department or from employee to employee in a secure manner and without delay. Simply put, communicating and exchanging data is made much quicker and efficient with a dependable network.