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Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB Hard Drive


Needless to say, technology advances at a very rapid rate. More and more, programmers who create sophisticated applications and software are beginning to require extremely long strings of instructions and data. Likewise, videos are now being rendered in higher resolutions than ever before. The same goes for today’s games, which involve more detailed graphics and more advanced game engines than they did ten years ago. Additionally, the sheer amount of music, video and other types of documents we need to store is on the rise as well. All of these result in larger amounts of files, which ultimately bring the need for larger storage options: Enter the Western Digital Caviar SE16 500GB Hard Drive.

HP 530 Laptop Computer


HP 530 Laptop ComputerMobile computing is no longer exclusive to people with deep pockets. Today, there are a variety of laptops geared towards those on a budget. With these affordable mobile solutions, there’s practically no reason for you not to get yourself your very own Laptop PC! Get to know the HP 530 Laptop Computer a little bit more, and see how the benefits of a true mobile computing experience can improve your life. The HP 530 Laptop simply lets you have it all for much less price!

XION Simple Power 450W ATX Power Supply

XION Simple Power 450W ATX Power SupplyA bad power supply unit can cause irreversible damage to your PC components. That being said, you should choose one that exhibits the perfect mix of price and performance! Even if all you need is a simple power supply unit for light workloads or otherwise, choose one that is reliable: The XION LC-8460BTX Simple Power 450W ATX Power Supply is a great performer at an affordable price. This makes it ideal for mainstream use where other power supply units are simply too complicated or expensive.