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TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice May 23, 2012

On this Wednesday Yendi brings you freshly squeezed Tech Juice at TigerDirect TV! We speak of NVidia’s Kai Platform for budget Tegra 3 tablets. There is also this FBI Secret that was the headline on Cnet.com – not so secret. Today’s Deal of the Day is amazing!

TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice May 21, 2012 (Re-Uploaded)

Its Monday at Tigerdirect TV and Tech Juice is all about your daily tech news and deals on electronics! Yendi talks about a Chinese Business Group’s take over of AMC movie theater chains and Samsung’s Smartphone Voice App Block. TigerDirect’s deal of the day is amazing!

TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice May 18, 2012

Its FRIDAY on Tech Juice at TigerDirect TV! Yendi is all excited about the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 launch at the Tigerdirect Store in Miami! We also speak about Facebook’s IPO at $38 bucks a share. Its Photog Friday and we find the most amazing camera!

Miami Flagler Retail Store Opens in New Location

TigerDirect.com fans, many of you have been coming to the flagship and original TigerDirect.com retail store located at the Mall of Americas on Flagler Street in Miami for many years.  Today, TigerDirect opened a bigger (much bigger) store complete with the full power of Retail 2.0 on the opposite side of the corporate offices. This […]

3D Demo Days – Experience 3D at TigerDirect

The Consumer Electronics Association, ESPN, and local retailers including TigerDirect.com retail stores, are celebrating “National 3D Demo Days” from now through Sept. 12. The motivating factor for the 3D showcase is obviously the need to entice Americans into buying 3DTVs, seen as the next big thing in living-room consumer electronics. The CEA, for example, predicts that Americans will buy 3 million 3DTVs in 2010 alone. The organization’s research also says that among consumers who have seen 3DTV, nearly half rated the experience as “excellent” (46 percent), and eight in ten (79 percent) rated the visual experience positively.

TigerDirect Retail Store now open in Chicago!

Yep, you heard it right folks,  there is an all new TigerDirect.com Retail and Outlet Store located at 2500 North Elston Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.  Right downtown for your convenience.  Best news, this store is unlike any other before:  there will be a huge array of liquidation and clearance items at this store all the […]

Heavy Workload? AMD Opteron 8218 Processor

AMD Opteron 8218 ProcessorServers in any type of business handle a great amount of data and responsibility. Any given server needs to be reliable and capable enough to provide great performance at all times. Unlike mainstream PCs, servers run applications that are extremely demanding and taxing. And they have to run these applications for extended periods of time.

Thankfully, there are processors available for such an important responsibility. The AMD Opteron 8218 processor is one such component. It’s perfect for handling large server or workstation-type workloads.

High-Performance: Intel Xeon E5335 Processor BX80563E5335A

Intel Xeon E5335 Processor BX80563E5335AIn a way, processors come in three leagues, with one for the mainstream home PC, another for the gamers, and the third for server systems. A server chip is very important because it determines the consumer qualities of a server computer. The server is required to quickly respond to your requests regardless of how overworked it already is. It must be fast and reliable at performing tasks.

Cost only comes second to the overall performance and dependability required in such a chip. Now imagine a low-cost, high-performance server processor readily available in the market. The Intel Xeon E5335 Processor is capable of such a feat.

AMD Opteron 1210 Processor Maximizes Memory Performance

Optimize the productivity of your business while enjoying the perks of having a reliable and steadfast CPU that will never let you down.

The second-generation AMD Opteron 1210 Processor is armed with abundant features like the AMD Virtualization technology and Enhanced 3DNow!, and it is sure to yield impressive end results, whatever the task may be.