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TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice June 14, 2012

Thursday home stretch on Tech Juice at TigerDirect TV! Today we speak of amazing technology from Northeastern University meant to help out the elderly and disable – iCRAFT. New game announcements from Kotaku talks about Super Mario Bros. 2 and giant bugs on the Playstation Vita! Our deal of the day is pretty rad.

TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice June 13, 2012

Its Wednesday, Happy Hump Day on Tech Juice at TigerDirect TV. Hackers are spawning all over the internet and NASA’s still got some life left with Curiosity. Our Tiger Deal of the Day is spectacular!

TigerDirect TV: Tech Update 139

honny and Yendi bring us Tech Update from Lonny’s balcony!

TigerDirect TV: Tech Update 138

hirectly into story Two new warning you won’t be able to skip on DVDs.

TigerDirect TV: Tech Update 136

honny brings you Tech Update today from his high rise balcony!

Rubik’s Cube Solving Robots – What’s Next?

Rubik’s Solving RobotWhile robots are seemingly all the crazy everywhere you look, now, they’ve gotten a robot to do the Rubik’s cube.

Not that long ago Logan took at look at some awesome robots from WowWee at CES, and they just get more and more cool.

WowWee: Tri-Bot, Femi-Sapien and More!

Tri-Bot from WowWee at CES 2008TigerTV has been able to get some of the pre-show pictures being released by WowWee of their latest robotic gear.

These guys are sure to provide you with a ton of new reasons you want to drop a few hundred dollars for a new toy. I’ve got my eye set on one or two of these already – I just wish aerial flying devices would have a longer range – being in a high-rise over a bay I could have some fun!

Snow-bot? Robot Shovels Snow and Makes Ice

Snowbot - Eats Snow Makes Ice BricksRobots are a fast-moving area of development these days, and scientists have wasted no time in helping people cope with the annual winter blues of show shoveling. The robot pictured here not only clears the sidewalk, or driveway, it takes the snow it collects and packs them into ice bricks.

These bricks can be stored and allowed to melt or alternatively could provide cooling elements as part of a renewable energy strategy.