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CompUSA News iPhone and iPod Touch Friendly

CompUSA News on iPod Touch (Reduex)Use your iPhone or iPod Touch for browsing your favorite websites? I do, and hope you will too – CompUSA News is now iPod Touch/iPhone friendly!

Just type http://news.compusa.com into your browser on the iPhone/iPod Touch and you’ll receive VIP treatment with your own, easy to use interface that doesn’t require to you enlarge the view and touch tiny little links. It’s all new – and it’s for you – from your friends at the All-New CompUSA!

Firefox Beta 3 Now Available For Download

California-based Mozilla Foundation recently announced the release of their latest web browser, Firefox 3 Beta 3, which is now available for download. The release is in its eleventh iteration under the Firefox 3 development also known as "Grand Paradiso”. The current version made significant improvements over its previous builds most notably on the user interface aspect. With the current build, Firefox now has the option that allows the user to save all the tabs upon exit. The previous version does not have this option; it instead asks the user to continue exiting the browser. One of the favorite features in Firefox is that it allows you to download plug-ins and add-ons. One popular plug-in is the “Download Statusbar” wherein you can view the download via a progress bar indicator. With beta 3, this is now a built-in feature of the download manager option. More »

Internet Explorer 8 Beta Now Available for Download

Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer is upgrading again – this time to become more Internet standards compliant. Huh? Well, let me try to explain it simply – Microsoft tends to break the rules of the standards committees and replace them with their own. Every since the Open Office XML file standard was approved ahead of Microsoft and the International Regulating organizations didn’t want to modify it for Microsoft – they seem to have been singing a different tune. Realizing they truly don’t control the internet and all software development.

If you are a developer ready to test a whole new compliant internet with Internet Explorer, why not try out the new Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 from Microsoft.