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TigerDirect TV: Tech Juice July 31, 2012

Its Roll Call Tuesday on Tech Juice; where Yendi gives shout outs to certain quirky things in the gadget world. Today we speak of LooPo and Spotify’s Android Streaming. There’s also this wonderful little thing called Vibease. Check out the Tigerdirect’s Deal of the Day: bit.ly

TigerDirect TV: Olympus SZ-20 Full HD Digital Camera

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TigerDirect TV: Tech Update 139

honny and Yendi host Tech Update today from Lonny’s downtown balcony!

TigeDirect TV: Plextor PX-650US PlexEasy Smart Back Up

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TigerDirect TV: Toshiba Portege R830 Notebook

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Toshiba Portege Notebook PC

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TigerDirect TV: Acer Travelmate Notebook

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SanDisk 8GB MicroSDHC with USB Reader and SD Adapter

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Kodak EASYSHARE M863 Digital Camera

Kodak EASYSHARE M863 Digital CameraNo matter how sophisticated technologies and gadgets become, our needs more or less stay essentially the same. For instance, when we—mainstream users—plan to get a camera, we have requirements that are very simple. We want a camera that will last us a long time, one that will let us take picture in high quality, and one that is easy to use. Fortunately, we have the Kodak EASYSHARE M863 Digital Camera. Here we have a digital camera that meets the requirements mentioned above and then some. If you want an easy to use camera, choose this one to capture memories that last a lifetime.

SanDisk 4GB microSDHC with USB Reader and SD Adapter

SanDisk 4GB microSDHC with USB Reader and SD AdapterThere are two common ways to go about addressing your media storage needs. If you have to transport large amounts of files with even larger file sizes, then the best option is to get an external portable hard disk drive. While it may be a bit bulky, most portable hard disk drives today can store all sorts of files with memory capacities ranging from 100 gigabytes up to a whopping 500 gigabytes. However, if what you need is something that will fit right into your shirt’s pocket, then you may have to go with flash memory. In comparison with portable hard drives, flash memory does have a smaller memory capacity. The portability it affords users though, still makes it a much sought-after choice amongst people who are always on the go. One of these products is the Sandisk 4GB microSDHC with USB Reader and SD Adapter.