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Connect USB Devices with Tritton TRI-US100 Xtreme Sharenet Hard Drive Server

Tritton TRI-US100 Xtreme Sharenet Hard Drive Server If you’ve ever been frustrated by constantly having to plug and unplug various USB devices like a printer from your PC, chances are, you’re now looking for a USB hub that has enough ports for you to share your peripheral devices with your network of PCs at home or in the office. However, nowadays, people need to look for more than just a device that is limited to connecting USB devices.

With today’s technology, it is already possible to share not just USB devices, but PC hard drives as well. For a great value product that works both as a USB hub and hard drive server, and also offers a good amount of ports and versatility, get Tritton TRI-US100 Xtreme Sharenet Hard Drive Server. It will ensure a network of easily accessible devices and hard drives right in your home, school, or office.

Pimped Out Texas District Attorney

Pimped Out Gaming Rig (Image Credit: PennyArcade)When the auditors came around, seeing a pimped-out gaming rig in a bureaucrats office was quite a surprise.

Yet more surprisingly, the rig was paid for with State money all in the name of building a ‘backup server’ for a District Attorney.

Well, shoppers of TigerDirect are able to confirm the lure of UV cables for inside your PC are pretty cool, and hard to resist.

Y2K38: The Son of the Millenium Bug

Help!Don’t panic yet, but there’s a potential problem in 30 years. Then again, maybe not. Here’s the issue: Most Unix-like operating systems represent time as the number of seconds since January 1, 1970. On 32-bit systems, that second count is a signed 32-bit integer. English translation: The latest time that can be represented is 03:14:07 UTC on Tuesday, January 19, 2038. And while sources confirm the math, others have dismissed the threat. “Most of the Y2K problems were just display errors, not bugs in the actual calculations going on under the scenes,” wrote linux blogger, jandrese. “2038 is much scarier and is a lot more difficult to fix.”

New Dual-Standard Ethernet for Faster Speeds in the Near Future

As 1Gbps networks become standard, the Higher Speed Study Group (HSSG) recently approved a Project Authorization Request (PAR) for a new standard, dubbed IEEE 802.3ba, which will propel Ethernet to speeds up to 100Gbps.