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Extreme Storage – Goodbye Terabytes – The Petabytes Are Coming!!!

If you thought an increasingly paperless business world and tougher data retention policies were causing a data explosion, you were right—partly right.

One Computer With 10 User Terminals…With nComputing!

An up and coming company called nComputing has created a networking solution for low budget or small-scale applications. It utilizes hubs to connect a monitor and input devices to a small network that runs all of its peripheral workstations from one computer. Designed to take advantage of a computer’s unused processing power, it prevents the […]

Servers – Uses and Benefits to Small Business Owners

CybertronPC - Intel Pentium D 930 3.0GHzBusiness owners want to provide better services to their customers. One way many owners are accomplishing this task is by creating office computer networks and including a server. Why add a server? Servers add an additional level of functionality to small businesses. These functions range from additional storage and processing power to data migration and backup. We’ll help you understand why your business needs a server with 5 easy to understand reasons.

Lets begin by understand what a server is and it’s functions. A server is a computer that provides services to other computers, or the software that runs on it. The functions of your business will determine what types of server you will need. The different types of servers are: