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40-Hours of Power: Silicon Nanowires yield higher Battery Capacity

silicon-nanowires.jpgIt keeps going, and going, and going. You were probably thinking about the Energizer bunny commercial, weren’t you? Well, most of the time you’d be right in that assumption, but not today. Picture if you will, the ability to fly from New York to Tokyo – do some number crunching, work on PowerPoint presentations, watch a few DVDs — and then do a full day of meetings– using your laptop throughout the day and into the night without ever plugging in your power adapter to recharge your battery. Sounds far-fetched right? But this scenario may actually become a reality in the near future.

TigerDirect Weekend News Update for 12-10-06

Today’s news headlines for the weekend ending December 10, 2006 include a report on new materials to replace silicon in transistors, enabling a reduction in size and increase in processing speed; Oblivion and Gears of War receive the most honors at the Spike TV awards; Blu-Ray seen as premature and adding too much cost to the Playstation 3 according to their customers and the new up and coming challenge to YouTube could be your television.

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