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Ultra Aluminus ATX-Mid Tower Case Review

I encountered what I’d thought was an unsung hero today (until I read all the glowing reviews) — the Ultra Aluminus ATX Mid-Tower case with clear side, front USB, FireWire and Audio Ports.

I just happened to see one pass by on its way to the photo studio. I’d heard a certain buzz about this case, but it hadn’t built to anything that shouted at me. Wow, what a spiffy looking case (yeah, I’m dating myself (but who else would have me?).

Sony VAIO N330NB Notebook PC “Style, Elegance, and Power”

If you’re not a rabid gaming fan or a network administrator or a cutting edge digital art aficionado, then it can be hard to choose a laptop that’s right for you. No Longer! Sony VAIO N330NB Notebook PC combines the perfect blend of power, efficiency, and an affordable price tag.