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The New “Facebook” Mobile Phone


Android phones will soon be called “Facebook” phones, yes your phone will be powered and engineered to be a hub for your Social Media needs. Smart move Mark Zuckerberg? Some may agree, some may not, but when have you ever seen everyone agree on one thing. Yep didn’t think so. Anyways, it looks like this is […]

Wikipedia Relocates HQ From Florida To San Francisco

wiki.jpgWikipedia is on the move from its current headquarters in St. Petersburg, Florida to San Francisco, California. “San Francisco is the center of high-tech in the United States and will give the foundation access to a rich array of resources,” said Florence Devouard, chair of the Wikimedia Foundation. The Wikipedia Foundation currently has six full-time employees, all of whom will make the move west with the Foundation. The Foundation also said it will expand its staff upon its arrival in San Francisco.

Spokeo Keeps Track of All your Online Buddies

SpokeoBrowsing the social networking pages of all your friends becoming too tiresome?

Perhaps your boss has raised eyebrows concerning your wandering web page ways. A nifty new Web 2.0 site has the answer to your time wasting woes: it’s called Spokeo.