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Where Does SPAM Go? CA Finds Out for You

compcrime.jpgEver wonder what would happen if you just took a chance, made that leap of faith, and bought something from a spam email? If your answer is no; good for you. But since curiosity has killed more cats than it’s saved, there must be a few foolhardy souls that really think that lucrative stock quotes arrive unsolicited in your email. (Hey, it could happen!)


iTunes Sounds Mud Compared to Foobar 2000

You might not know it, but if you’ve been using iTunes for the PC you have been missing out. The Mac crowd has been enjoying audio of a much higher quality as it uses a different back-end to process the audio.

We’re stuck with the crappy quicktime audio filters on PC. Quicktime is a resource hog and it also sounds like mud when compared to other programs.foobar-skin-1.jpgAllow me to introduce Foobar 2000. It is still in beta but it is extremely usable and it offers the best audio playback I have heard on a PC. The equalizer is infinitely better and the sound quality is amazing.

I downloaded it then cranked up some In Flames. “Oh my God!” The wife came running around the corner to ask if everything was alright. “Yes it’s alright. This sounds amazing!”

IBM Lotus Symphony Office Suite Unleashed – FREE

IBM Lotus Symphony Office SuiteGoogle Apps users, individuals without the cash to shell out for a new copy of MS Office, there is another FREE alternative in town. OpenOffice has been making headway with millions of users worldwide, however today IBM announced their free office suite, IBM Lotus Symphony.

This fully featured suite provides for word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. Business can test the waters and opt for IBM suppport as a paid service option. Symphony also adheres to the ODF open-document format, an existing international standard being challenged by Microsoft in favor of their own, newly defined format.

Motorola to Make the Switch to Linux OS on Most Mobile Handsets

Motorola has decided to use a Linux-based operating system in new mobile phone models. The company intends to have the OS installed on 60 percent of its new handsets within the next two years. The handset giant has already installed Linux on the Razr2 V8, the next generation of slim phone and successor to the […]

Research In Motion To Allow .Net Software Development

Research In Motion will allow software developers to create applications directly for BlackBerry Phones via Microsoft’s .Net Programming environment. This continues the phone manufacturer’s efforts to increase the usability of the popular cellular line.

TigerTips: Output PDFs from MS Word for FREE

TigerTips is here to help you learn the best ways to use technology in your life. With the large number of documents exchanged via PDF (Portable Document Format), it’s a great savings if you could output from Microsoft Word for free instead of spending $300 on the ‘official’ application. To learn how to do this, watch the video below from Luke W. Parker of Associated Content, the People’s Media Company.

Tiger Tips: 5 E-mail Dos and Don’ts

According to recent surveys, business professionals spend about two hours per day organizing and managing their e-mail. That’s an average of 520 hours per year spent managing e-mail. “Ineffective, improper and incorrect use of electronic e-mail on company computers exposes organizations to wasted time, bad press, and the possibility of legal action,” notes Al Borowski, […]

Quick Tips: A Better Way to Control Your Business – Project Management Software

There once was a time when project management was a time consuming and tedious job. With the creation of project management software programs such as Microsoft Office Visio or Microsoft Office Project, you can manage your business’ projects more effectively and have more time to get the job done. We’ll show you 5 reasons how […]

10 Tips for Using Microsoft PowerPoint

PowerPoint can be an extremely effective tool when presenting an idea to a group or single person. PowerPoint allows you to create a visually capturing medium that allows you to convey your idea and hopefully accomplish your goal. Although PowerPoint is a great tool, it can be used in a manner that depreciates the quality […]

Your PC’s Under Siege – Viruses, Spyware, Malware Oh My!

Viruses, Spyware and Malware – The Threat and How to Protect Yourself Malicious software such as computer viruses, spyware and Malware have become an extremely serious threat to businesses and individuals and the threat is growing exponentially. There are even laws to help stop distributors of this malevolent software, yet the threat and circulation of […]