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Google says Android phone beats everything

androidphone.jpgOne day, Google believes, software developers will love its “non-existent” Android handset just as much as they love the iPhone – and maybe more. Speaking this morning at eComm, a conference dedicated to “emerging communications,” Google mobile platforms guru Rich Miner acknowledged that for the moment, Apple may have an advantage. After all, Steve Jobs and company have actually shipped a piece of hardware, while the first Android handset won’t arrive until “the second half of this year.” But Miner also told the crowd that Stevo hasn’t treated developers as well as they deserve. More »

The Sony Ericsson P1i Unlocked Tri-band GSM Touchscreen Smartphone—What Other Phones Want to be.

There are plenty of Smartphones out there. This week I’ll review a couple, just so you get a feeling of what different manufacturers have to offer.

Since I’m writing the reviews, I get to choose which phone goes first—and I choose the Sony Ericsson P1i Unlocked Tri-band GSM Touchscreen Smartphone. After this article, I hope you understand a bit better why you should choose it, too.

Sony Ericsson’s Mobile Phones: You’ll Forget You Even Looked at a Flip Phone

So your Motorola RAZR phone is old and scratched up. While the venerable slim phone is still a hot item the world over, you’ve grown tired of flip phones. Opening and closing your phone was cool when it was your first one. Now, however, you’re more concerned with function, technology, and of course your digital […]