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Impact of Solar Flares and Mass GPS Outage

When posed the question “If solar flares cause extended GPS outages, do you feel you will be affected?” TigerNews visitors said overwhelmingly “No, I don’t use a navigation system.”

This was kind of a trick question, because it is possible that we will all be affected by a widespread GPS outage. Many more things than your car’s navigation system utilize GPS for a variety of reasons – including cellular telephone networks, traffic signals and more – including OnStar service, carrier tracking systems – and surely much, much more.

Over 50 Percent of Those Polled Choose Xbox 360 Graphics over the PS3!

The results are (tentatively) in!  While Sonys newest release, the PlayStation 3, is making huge waves (and lines) at the electronics boutiques this holiday season, a few brave souls decided to actually play, rank, and generally give their take on the two competing systems.  The PS3 has the decided disadvantage of being the new kid […]