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Hulu.com Completes Beta, Goes Live March 12.

Hulu LogoOne of our favorite sites, Hulu.com, is throwing off the beta-version warm-up and going live March 12. Hulu.com is a joint venture between Universal, NBC and Fox, offering their combined catalog of TV shows and clips free on the web, driven by short commercials, normally in the 10-second range. Hulu.com also delivers content from MGM and Sony, and company representatives have indicated that they’ve reached agreements with Warner Brothers and Lionsgate to include selected content from their libraries.

How Fast is Your System? Learn How to Benchmark Your Rig!

40.jpgOverclocking is now a mainstream term in the computer world. Every gamer either has an overclocked system or wants and overclocked system.

There are two reasons that benchmarking is important. You want to know the speed and you need to test the stability. Below are the programs that I use to benchmark every part of my system.