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Voiceless Phone call uses Nerve signals to Mimic Telepathy

Ambient TechnologyThis is so cool, it’s almost scary. Ambient Corp. has developed and recently unveiled a neckband which translates thoughts about speech into computer-generated speech itself. It was demonstrated at a recent conference hosted by Texas Instruments, a manufacturer of microchips and the optical semiconductors used in DLP technology.

The neckband detects nerve signals that indicate what you’re thinking about saying. These signals are relayed wirelessly to a computer that recognizes and translates them into words or phrases. The neckband, called the Audeo, doesn’t actually read you mind, however.

Texas Instruments Pico Projectors: Projection TV in your Hand

dlp-projector-phone-full.jpgTexas Instruments, Inc. announced at the Mobile World Congress trade show that it had chips for what it calls “pico projectors” ready for production. These chips can be integrated into a mobile device to project images onto a surface. This technology aims to overcome the nuances of the small display screens that cellular phones currently have. Texas Instruments revealed prototypes of the technology a year ago. At that time, Texas Instruments was expecting the convergence between televisions and cellular phones to progress rapidly over the next few years. Texas Instruments feels that that time is now.