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iGoogle and Setting Your Google Home

Busy day for Google, the leading search engine and web application provider. First we learn about iGoogle, the renamed Google Personalized HomePage, which will provide a large number of new features hoping to make personalization for you best on Google first.

Some of the announced features include expanded tab functionality with automatic population of Google selected related content based on keyword matching, tools to develop your own Google ‘widgets’ for use by you and your friends, and expanded features for ‘mini-blogs’ and even more.

EyeJot – Free Eye Candy for your Email

Video continues to grow at an ever increasing rate online – it’s in everyone’s lives, but video email continues to suffer from a lack of high quality and the dreaded attachment. Private messages via YouTube and other services don’t provide that ‘instant’ feeling for a video communication, so EyeJot has come onto the scene, providing a great facility for video communication through an innovate non-download client that provides ease of use and great other features too.

Stumbling across EyeJot today during my travels, I was quite impressed by their Web 2.0 spirit and the service they are offering is quite functional – and free.

Breaking the GooglePlex (or) Growing Up Google

Depending on who you ask, Google accounts for between 40 and 50-something percent of the search engine market (add in Yahoo and MSN and the figure jumps to around 90 percent). And rightly so—the service gives speedy results and has a very good user interface.

Yahoo and SanDisk Get Busy on MP3 iPod Fighter

Flash memory maker Sandisk Corp. said on Monday that Yahoo Inc. would provide music services for its Sansa Connect digital audio player. Sansa Connect lets users listen to typical MP3 songs, but also has a built-in Wi-Fi wireless communication connection, allowing users to download songs from Yahoo’s service without first linking to a personal computer.

Online Gamer Dies After Marathon Holiday Session

An obese 26-year-old man in northeastern China died after a “marathon” online gaming session over the Lunar New Year holiday, state media said on Wednesday. The 330-pound man from Jinzhou, in Liaoning province, collapsed on Saturday,

Little Startup Might Make for E-Parking

A startup company is betting it can chip away at parking woes and transform the search for parking just as eBay Inc. changed auctions.

Tiger Tips: Choosing the Right Music Download Service

Downloading music today is simple, fast and LEGAL! You can find vintage classics, 70s disco, European house and any other type of music of your liking. There are many Know which service will work with your iPod. Know which service specializes in independent artist and record labels. Understand which service you can recommend songs to […]

Tiger Tips: 4 Tips for Public Hot Spots

When traveling city-to-city and town-to-town, we see signs promoting Wi-Fi access, sometime for free. Everywhere you look, someone has a laptop or other Internet capable Wi-Fi device and they’re surfing the net. But how do they gain access to the Wi-Fi network? We’ll give you a few tips on public Wi-Fi hotspots – how to […]

Looking For A New Phone? The PEBL Rocks!

Is your fashion sense stuck between cell phone design and a hard place? You need to check out the Motorola PEBL, as our intrepid Lonny Paul and Amber have both done in this installment of TigerDirect’s video blog. Use the PEBL to refine your mobile style. Motorola PEBL colors let you make a personal style […]

Americans Unconcerned With Online Film Piracy

A recent poll show Americans less than concerned about illegal movie downloading. Most Americans regard the illegal downloading and distributing of Hollywood movies as something on par with minor parking offenses, according to a report issued Wednesday. The Digital Life America survey polled about 2,600 Americans between June and late September.