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Your PC’s Under Siege – Viruses, Spyware, Malware Oh My!

Viruses, Spyware and Malware – The Threat and How to Protect Yourself Malicious software such as computer viruses, spyware and Malware have become an extremely serious threat to businesses and individuals and the threat is growing exponentially. There are even laws to help stop distributors of this malevolent software, yet the threat and circulation of […]

U.S.A – We’re #1 – in Malware & Spam

Sophos, the world leader in integrated threat management solutions compiled a report with results that the United States was responsible for over one third of the malicious code in websites during 2006. The Sophos Security Report examined in detail the top 10 Malware threats of 2006.

Tech News Wrap Up For The Week Of January 15, 2007 (Part 2)

With so much news in one week, it’s nearly impossible to get it all in one article. TigerDirectNews Feature Editor John G. brings us more. Ed. The World’s First Purpose Built Fuel Cell Motorcycle With fuel prices on the rise, maybe it’s time for a change. We’ve seen hybrid cars from manufactures like Honda, Toyota […]

Online Responsibility – c’mon Google!

These days, it’s a big task to protect trademarks and from those who wish to take advantage of your good name. Tiger has always maintained a constant alert to people who are attempting to take advantage of unknowing consumers who are surfing online. You’d be amazed at some of the sites we’ve seen, and the number of people who would even allow themselves to be taken advantage of.

Today, the message goes to Google. If you mistype google.com, without their legal department ensuring that people who do nasty things on similar domains, you could nearly lose everything on your computer. Check out the video.

Tech News Wrap Up For The Week Of January 15, 2007

Black Hats Up On Current Events Launch Virus Wave Virus writers attacked thousands of computers on Friday with a Malware program that a security company has dubbed the “storm worm”.  The difference between this attack and others like it was the tag line of infected emails sent to victim computers: “230 dead as storm batters […]

A Few Neat Tricks In Windows Vista

Vista is Here. But are you Vista Savvy? Read on to find out! You’ve gotten your hands on Vista. It’s new, you’re excited: but what can you do with Vista, once you’ve gone and installed it on your premium ready machine? Here’s some great tricks you can accomplish once you’ve decided to enter the Vista […]

Which Wi-Fi is Right for Your Business?

Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity or 802.11x) – It’s simpler than you think and ready to be implemented into your business. From mom-and-pop business to Fortune 500 companies, they all are incorporating wireless fidelity and maybe it’s time for you to upgrade your small business’ network. We’ll help you understand the differences between the variations of Wi-Fi […]

Broadband: Cable vs. DSL

broadbandToday, everybody wants lightening fast Internet service for as little as possible, but with so many companies vying for your business, how do you know which choice is ultimately the best decision for your needs? Cable or DSL?

Both Internet services are available in most areas and both cost relatively the same amount each month, depending on where you live. What makes one better than the other?

Spam on the Rise This Holiday Season

This holiday season, be aware of holiday spam. 10.9 percent of all spam this season from Thanksgiving until now has been Christmas related. Most spam will have subject about hard-to-find toys, gift ideas and holiday e-cards. “Beginning around Thanksgiving and continuing until New Year’s, we see a rise in Christmas spam,” Penny Freeman, director of […]

TigerDirect News Update for December 11, 2006

This is the TigerDirect news update for Monday, December 11, 2006.

Today’s podcast includes:

  • Spam on the Rise
  • Bogus Spyware has Korea up in Arms
  • The Wii outsells PS3 in it’s first month of sales
  • WiMax the new ‘copper’ network

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