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TigerDirect TV: Tech Update 138

hirectly into story Two new warning you won’t be able to skip on DVDs.

Electronic Kill-Mechanisms – Yes or No?

Security - Anti-TheftWhen people purchase high-ticket items, such as laptops, cellphones or personal music players, like the iPod or Zune – should they be allowed the opportunity activate a ‘kill switch’ electronically within the device to disable it? Some say it is only fair, but would pawn shops then go out of business?
My question is simple. If it gets connected back to Apple as most mainstream users would be using standard tools, like iTunes – why couldn’t the user simply ‘kill’ the device through a simple check-box online. Once it’s connected, bingo. iPod gets fed a magic packet – and boom. Lights out. Too simplistic? Vote in our poll.

GPS Thefts on the Rise: Protect Yourself

GPSApparently, the entire world is turning on to the convenience and simplicity of portable GPS receivers. Even thieves.

According to authorities, thefts of personal GPS devices are skyrocketing, due to their popularity with high-end consumers. The decrease in the prices of these indispensable devices means that there’s more of them around—making them an ideal target for simple, smash and grab thieves.