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TigerTV launches SplashCast channel

SplashCastTune into SplashCast for the latest programming from TigerTV. A new syndication channel for Tiger, this new medium will provide extended promotion via social media networks and other youth oriented sites.

You can even embed the SplashCast player – or subscribe.

Check it out the TigerTV Channel on SplashCast here.

CozmoTV now offers TigerTV

TigerTV has expanded it’s reach yet further with the latest syndication partner, Cozmo TV. Cozmo is a very Web 2.0 service which provides great TV services for online distribution with channel management, widget creation and more.

According to the company,

Check out our widget if you’d like to embed TigerTV via CozmoTV on your myspace or facebook page, blog or pretty much anywhere.

TigerTV launches Mogulus broadcast channel

TigerTV is popping up everyone on line these days – and with the great information you can garner from our downright smart TigerTV hosts it’s no surprise.

The most recent launch of TigerTV is a 24 hour broadcast of Help, How-To and Tiger InBox Videos to keep you up to date on the latest advice to be had. Keep watching for new shows every day – at Mogulus TigerTV!

To visit the Mogulus TigerTV channel, visit TigerTV @ Mogulus.

Miami TigerDirect Outlet Black (Pink) Friday Flyer Exposed

TigerDirect Outlet Stores Black Friday Flyer - Miami MarketKeeping secrets is getting even harder the more people that use the net, but here you go – you have been waiting for them anyway, it’s the Black Friday (Pink Friday here at Tiger) deals!

This flyer will appear on Thanksgiving day in the Miami Herald to spread the word of Tiger’s great deals at our Miami area outlet stores. With two stores conveniently located in North and South Miami – these deals won’t last long!

Pink Friday Deals at TigerDirect Raleigh/Durham Stores Leaked

TigerDirect Pink Friday Deals - NCSometimes, it’s just hard to keep a secret. Tiger’s Black Friday (Pink Friday to us) deals and other events have found their way onto the Internet. With the large number of deal site that are like vultures during this shopping season, it was only a matter of time before one of Tiger’s flyers ended up online.

So, with the cat already out of the bag, feel free to view the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina Pink Friday Circular by clicking here.