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A Honest Word On Digital Picture Frames

Listen Up Bloggers; TigerDirect.com is offering great deals on digital picture frames, in honor of this upcoming Mother’s Day. Because this is a special holiday where the quality and thoughtfulness of a gift is absolutely paramount, I wanted to take the time to introduce you to our hand-selected lineup of digital picture frames. This way […]

TigerTips: Output PDFs from MS Word for FREE

TigerTips is here to help you learn the best ways to use technology in your life. With the large number of documents exchanged via PDF (Portable Document Format), it’s a great savings if you could output from Microsoft Word for free instead of spending $300 on the ‘official’ application. To learn how to do this, watch the video below from Luke W. Parker of Associated Content, the People’s Media Company.

Vista Tip Of The Day: Photo Gallery

View and Manage Pictures and Videos with Photo Gallery Check out the new Photo Gallery in Windows Vista. You can sort pictures and videos by keywords, tags, the date the pictures or video were taken, ratings, and other metadata. You can even create Search Folders that contain up-to-date and “live” data, which changes each time […]

Tiger Tips: 5 E-mail Dos and Don’ts

According to recent surveys, business professionals spend about two hours per day organizing and managing their e-mail. That’s an average of 520 hours per year spent managing e-mail. “Ineffective, improper and incorrect use of electronic e-mail on company computers exposes organizations to wasted time, bad press, and the possibility of legal action,” notes Al Borowski, […]

Tiger Tips: Choosing the Right Music Download Service

Downloading music today is simple, fast and LEGAL! You can find vintage classics, 70s disco, European house and any other type of music of your liking. There are many Know which service will work with your iPod. Know which service specializes in independent artist and record labels. Understand which service you can recommend songs to […]

Tiger Tips: 5 Tips for Selecting the Right Mobile Printer

In today’s fast paced mobile world, mobile printers have proven to be invaluable. Mobile printers have reduced operating costs, increased productivity, increased revenue and made the mobile computing experience more efficient. Choosing the right mobile printer for you or your business’ needs is not a simple task. You have several factors to consider: printer features, […]

Tiger Tips: An Inside Look at Hard Drives

Hard Drives – Bigger is Better But Size (GBs) Does Matter and So Does Speed (RPM) When 2 Drives Are Better than One Purchasing a hard drive (HDD) is an important buying decision. That’s because all your data is saved on it. If you buy a low quality hard drive it may crash on you […]

Tiger Tips: 4 Tips for Public Hot Spots

When traveling city-to-city and town-to-town, we see signs promoting Wi-Fi access, sometime for free. Everywhere you look, someone has a laptop or other Internet capable Wi-Fi device and they’re surfing the net. But how do they gain access to the Wi-Fi network? We’ll give you a few tips on public Wi-Fi hotspots – how to […]