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TigerDirect’s 10th Annual “Build Your Own PC Race” Contest Is A Big Hit!

Are You A PC Builder? Put Your Money Where Your CPU Is (Or Goes)! Journalists hailing from prominent PC publications, newsletters, magazines, and web-newscasts vied for their fifteen minutes of fame at the CES convention in Las Vegas. They competed in the “Build Your Own PC Race”, a charity event benefiting their favorite educational or […]

News Update for January 4, 2007

TigerNewsIn today’s news:

  • LG prepares top announce their combo HD DVD and Blu Ray DVD player
  • Warner Brothers announces a TotalDVD format
  • Gmail exploit may allow spammers access to your contacts, and
  • Learn about the TigerDirect News CES Coverage next week.

News Update for January 2, 2007

TigerNewsToday starts Season 2 of TigerDirect News Podcasts with the new year, 2007. TigerDirect news podcasts are now also available via Stickam.com. Here’s your Tech Update for January 2, 2007.

  • ISP for Automotive Connectivity
  • Samsung Hybrid Wifi/GSM phones making Splash
  • Microsoft Bribing Bloggers with Fancy Vista Notebooks
  • LCD TVs now hottest holiday gadget; and
  • CES Coverage starts next week on TigerDirect News

TigerDirect News Update for 12-29-06

TigerNewsAs we get ready to usher in the new year, TigerDirect brings you the latest in technology headlines and an exclusive interview regarding the Wii in today’s News Update.

Today’s Headlines:

  • PSP to sport 60GB hard drive?
  • Replacement Wii Straps arriving in mail; Tiger executive suffers from his Wii-kend Experience with the latest Nintendo system
  • FDA Announces cloned livestock safe, but not final
  • ALLofMP3.com just won’t shut down
  • Core 2 Quad Q6700 chip to be announced at CES

TigerDirect News Update for 12-20-2006

Leo Laporte slams the Zune

Leo Laporte, formerly of ‘The Screen Savers,” now of G4 Canada’s TechTV, sums it all up.

See this? See this piece of ‘Donkey Dookie?’ You’re gonna remember this as the day the music died. The day that DRM bit the big weenie. I’m Leo LaPorte…this is a Microsoft Zune, and I have to say when I first played with the Zune I thought ‘this is nice!’ It was soft and a little rubbery… beautiful screen, I mean if you put video on here…

But there are a couple of things, I mean, you go ‘okay this is neat,’ first thing you do is go hey… it doesn’t turn.. They’ve got a click wheel that doesn’t turn! Okay, okay, I can dig that. Maybe there’s patents involved.. what else doesn’t it do? It’s got WiFi, well that’s cool. WiFi, you know, you could surf the net, right? WRONG! You could, um, I dunno… download and buy music from Microsoft, right? WRONG! You can’t do ANYTHING with the WiFi. The only thing you can do, is in Steve Ballmer’s immortal words, ‘squirt’ a song outta this into somebody else’s Zune. Hey baby, mind if I squirt your somethin’?

TigerDirect News Update for December 19, 2006

Here’s today’s news update for December 19, 2006: Making friends by license plate New Software allows you to index your friends Google and NASA join up, and Mass Dog wedding cancelled in India. Subscribe to TigerDirect’s podcasts for the latest news and information.

TigerDirect News Update for 12-18-06

In today’s TigerDirect News Update, while everyone is getting their last minute holiday gifts, others are looking forward to what kind of gifts potentially may arrive this holiday season. Today’s Headlines include: NYC Taxis to get web access and televisions iPhone released – and it’s not an Apple product Boeing laptop theft pushes individual privacy […]

TigerDirect Weekend News Update for 12-17-2006

TigerNewsIn this weekend’s news we find that holiday vacations may be costing your company big bucks, yet shutting off your PC can help the environment.

Top Stories:

  • Power Down your PC and Save some Trees
  • Winner of Time Magazine’s Person of the Year
  • NYC users to pay for purchases with their cellphones, and
  • Vonage achieves E911 for 93% of US customers

TigerDirect News Update for 12-15-06

TigerNewsWelcome to today’s TigerDirect News Update for December 15, 2006.

In todays news:

  • South Korean parental control of Cellular Accounts
  • Nintendo recalls 3.2 Million Wii Straps
  • PhotoShop CS3 beta released
  • Broadband by Blimp seemingly full of hot air

TigerDirect News Update for Thursday December 14, 2006

TigerNewsWelcome to the TigerDirect News Update for Thursday, December 15, 2006. In today’s news:

  • Skype Starts Billing
  • Gartner predicts Vista is last ‘major release’ of Windows
  • Jaxtr provides phone-to-phone communication without breaching privacy
  • and having a ‘Camel’ at the airport in Turkey may have a whole new meaning

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