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CozmoTV now offers TigerTV

TigerTV has expanded it’s reach yet further with the latest syndication partner, Cozmo TV. Cozmo is a very Web 2.0 service which provides great TV services for online distribution with channel management, widget creation and more.

According to the company,

Check out our widget if you’d like to embed TigerTV via CozmoTV on your myspace or facebook page, blog or pretty much anywhere.

TigerTV launches Mogulus broadcast channel

TigerTV is popping up everyone on line these days – and with the great information you can garner from our downright smart TigerTV hosts it’s no surprise.

The most recent launch of TigerTV is a 24 hour broadcast of Help, How-To and Tiger InBox Videos to keep you up to date on the latest advice to be had. Keep watching for new shows every day – at Mogulus TigerTV!

To visit the Mogulus TigerTV channel, visit TigerTV @ Mogulus.

TigerTV Pink Friday LIVE! a Great Success

What a show! TigerDirect’s TigerTV Pink Friday LIVE! Event was a tremendous success. We thank all of our viewers for watching and hope to see you online again soon in more upcoming LIVE TigerTV broadcasts. Nearly 100,000 individuals viewed our webcast and we thank those who watched a majority of the 15 hour broadcast.

In case you didn’t get a chance to tune-in, you can checkout a few images in the gallery below.

Full archives of the show are available now on Tiger.TV.

iTiger–The best way to get Apple accessories for less: Monitors

Apple Inc. is big on everyone’s wish list this year, so get ready to fork over the green. If you’ve purchased anything from an iMac to an iPod, you’re going to want to accessorize—and it’s going to cost you. I’ve decided to spend the week showcasing a few things that are designed specifically for use […]

TigerTV welcomes Nikki!

TigerTV is proud to announce a new and upcoming addition to our team – Nikki! You will be seeing a lot of Nikki as she comes on board to provide a new perspective on technology products and deliver great deals, entertainment and more!

Nikki has a long history of television, movie and theater credits including ‘Young and the Restless,’ ‘All My Children,’ ‘Sweet Valley High,’ ‘My Games Fever,’ and ‘The Mancuso Family.’ After my long discussions with Nikki, she absolutely loves technology products and gadgets. When asked to tell us about her cell phone, she went on and on and on!

Acer Aspire 3680 2682 Notebook PC ”An Alternative to High-Priced Laptops

Plus, this Acer Aspire AS3680 Notebook PC comes running the introductory version of Windows new Operating System, Windows Vista Basic. This opens up a bunch of interesting opportunities for the gutsy computer user. Read on, and after a brief introduction to the Acer Aspire 3680 2682 notebook PC, you just may err on the side of budget computing and buy one!

Where Does SPAM Go? CA Finds Out for You

compcrime.jpgEver wonder what would happen if you just took a chance, made that leap of faith, and bought something from a spam email? If your answer is no; good for you. But since curiosity has killed more cats than it’s saved, there must be a few foolhardy souls that really think that lucrative stock quotes arrive unsolicited in your email. (Hey, it could happen!)


Tiger InBox: Logan Answers More of your Questions

Tiger In BoxGot a nagging tech question you can’t seem to google your way to an answer? TigerTV Host Logan has got an answer for you – all you gotta do is ask!

Today, Logan answers some great questions from you – our viewers! Today’s edition discusses the Bigfoot Killer K1 Network Card (Thanks Nick); Memory and CAS Latency (Thanks again Nick); XFX 8800 Video Card Differences and Overlocking (thanks Andre); a little about InTune and RivaTuner video overcloking and tuning applications; Direct X 10 Graphics Cards in Notebooks (thanks Kellie); MSI GeForce 6800 Ultra (thanks Marcus in Norway!); and the Sparkle 8800 GTX Video Card (thanks CJO).

Perfect Projectors for Workplace Presentations or Weekend Parties

Not only is professional projector technology moving forward in leaps and bounds, it’s also not just for boardrooms anymore. While professional theater-style installations at home used to be only for the rich, projectors are fast closing the gap between television-based home theater and its big screen counterparts. We recently had two projectors delivered to the TigerTV labs: The Viewsonic PJ503D Projector will add style and panache to any business meeting. The BenQ W500 LCD Projector is perfect for creating the ultimate home entertainment experience, for less.

Guitar Hero 3 Unboxed for the Wii

All those chord-riffing fools were lined up in the cold this weekend to get their latest fix – it’s Guitar Hero 3 and in this YouTube video you’ll see the unboxing of the unit.

While everyone was in love with Guitar Hero 2, can 3 make it better? This wireless axe should help many feel they are really ‘playing it,’ but I’m not sure how long the fad can continue.

Source: YouTube