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DirectX 10 on Windows XP…


I’m going to make a statement: Most gamers prefer Windows XP. In fact, as it seems in forums, it’s almost cool to make fun of Vista. Look at these guys in the image. Do you think they have ever played a game? There, I’ve made fun of them. Now I’m cool.
Microsoft Vista (PHOTO SOURCE:  MICROSOFT)If gamers don’t want Vista then why is Microsoft shoving it down their throats? DirectX 10 is amazing. The games are becoming so photo-realistic that it is ridiculous. Microsoft showed us this beautiful footage and before we wiped the drool from our chins, they inform us that in order to enjoy these games we would have to buy Windows Vista.

We are wounded. Are we just an after thought for Microsoft? Do they only care about the XBOX?

Holy Moley… AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400 Black Edition… Is AMD the king of Dual Core?

AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400 Black EditionI got my hands on an AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400 Black Edition… You’d better be here on Monday when I post a video on this beast… You’re not gonna believe how fast this thing is!

There might be a new king in the dual core arena.

Beat the Summer Pricing Heat: Two Vista Computers Under $500.00 Dollars

Getting you dollars to go further in the summertime is probably worse than the heat itself. Especially nowadays, when almost everything of lasting value will cost you over $1000 dollars. But what if you don’t have a $1000 dollars? (Hey, it could just be me, right?) I’ve pulled two portable PCs out of the TigerTV […]

Acer Aspire 5720-6497 Notebook Powerhouse

Notebooks are more popular than desktops these days, and no wonder with a great system like this Acer Aspire! Enjoy digital content to the fullest with this 15.4-inch multimedia system packaged in the cool new Aspire chassis design.

The Acer Aspire 5720 6497 Laptop Computer boasts a host of features like ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2300 3D graphics, DVI-D connectivity, HD DVD-ROM and Dolby-certified surround sound. The latest Intel Centrino Duo mobile platform ensures lavish dual-core processing power for rich digital gaming and entertainment, while Acer Video Conference lets you conveniently video-chat with friends and family across the globe.

TigerTV iGoogle Gadget now available

Can’t get enough of your TigerTV? Now, add TigerTV to you iGoogle homepage with just a few clicks.

This iGoogle Gadget will provide the latest in informative product videos – computers, laptops, digital cameras, cellular phones, video cards, motherboards, gaming gear and more from the hosts of TigerTV.

To get your iGoogle Gadget, just click on this link to get your TigerTV Gadget.

Logan’s Deal: 19 inch LCD for under $120!

Logan’s on the prowl for good deals – and found this great I-Inc 19″ LCD for only $119.99*! Check it out!