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Ransomware – Threatens to Take Your Data Hostage

A rise in data kidnappings makes data protection more important than ever. It’s little more than electronic thuggery. Demanding payment for the safe return of your data is one of the newest scams perpetrated by cyber-criminals. And they’re using ransomware – malware that’s expressly designed to encrypt your data – to do it.In a ransomware attack, the criminal will send the victim an email saying that they have control of their system, and the victim can’t get any data on their system unless they pay the criminal through an untraceable wire service.

Banking Online? Information Intercepted by New Trojan

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water (am I the only one who understands this reference?)… Online banking is facing a new attack via a trojan which intercepts account information prior to encryption and then kindly transmits the data to be inlcluded in a central attacker database.

The Trojan, dubbed Trojan.Silentbanker by security software company Symantec, can intercept online banking transactions that normally are well guarded by two-factor authentication procedures. During a banking transaction, Silentbanker will change the user’s bank account details over to the attacker’s account, all the while mimicking what the user would expect to see from a typical banking transaction…….(Source: PcWorld/Symantec)