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4-in-1 Media Center: Toshiba Qosmio G40C-MM1 Notebook PC

The Toshiba Qosmio G40C-MM1 Notebook is being pitched as a 4-in-1 entertainment unit, which symbolizes its four main functions including television, audio player, HD DVD burner/player and notebook PC. As expected from such a high-end multimedia device, the notebook’s features serve the aforementioned functions well.

First off, there is a TV tuner for watching and recording digital television. But, of course, the G40C’s standout feature is its HD DVD drive for watching HD DVD movies at a resolution that’s six times sharper than the standard DVD format.

Watch TV on Acer Aspire M5640 Intel Desktop PC (Open Box)

Acer Aspire M5640 Intel Desktop PC (Open Box) One of the main perks of personal computers is its multimedia features. The Acer Aspire M5640 Intel desktop PC takes that characteristic seriously. This PC is built for you, the digital entertainment enthusiast.

It is perfect for tasks like watching movies, games and – get this- watching television. Yes, you can actually watch TV on this baby. And since this is an open box product, its price is notably lower than its original price, and you are still guaranteed to get more than the best for your money!

HP Pavilion m8200n AMD Desktop PC

HP Pavilion m8200n AMD Desktop PCThere are some PCs that are specially built for business applications. There are some others which are designed to handle content creation and animation, just like the ones used by animated media companies.

On the other hand, there are some which excel at handling your digital media life. If you are of the latter, then, without a doubt, you will like the HP Pavilion m8200n AMD Desktop PC. Here we have an affordable pre-built PC that is ideal for taking care of your digital media needs.

A Review: Diamond TV Wonder HD 650 Combo USB TV Tuner

Diamond TV Wonder HD 650 Combo USB TV TunerFor all of you who want their laptops and PCs to double as top-of-the-line high definition viewing screens, Diamond has come up with quite a gem. The Diamond TV Wonder HD 650 Combo USB TV Tuner is no jewel in the rough either: it sparkles with the latest features and is compatible with the MacPro, Mac Mini, Mac Book or IMac. This versatile tuner can give you that much-desired High Definition experience by simply loading a whole host of media applications to your Macintosh desktop or laptop!

Sony VAIO VGC-LS30E All-In-One TV-Capable Desktop

Sony VAIO VGC-LS30E Desktop PCSony dropped their first Notable LS Series All In One PC last year, but this year’s VGC-LS30E model smokes its 2007 predecessor. Sony has revamped the glass bezel design to look even more stylish than before, and a host of media center features make this stylish desktop an even more viable entertainment center.

The Sony VAIO VGC-LS30E doesn’t skimp on the performance parts, either. This ultra-slim desktop PC features an Intel Pentium Dual Core processor, 2 gigabytes of DDR2 memory, and a 19-inch Widescreen LCD display to watch it all on.